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  • Cameron’s decision that for now she just wants to have sex with the guy she “did” before when she was on drugs was just a jar-dropper. And it was perfectly deliviered. In short: “Wanna f**k?” […] As I said: An absolute classic considering the laughs, awkward moments and jar-droppers! (Polite Dissent, Review of "House", Episode 14 (Season Three), Feb 13, 2007)
  • Plus, an equally jar-dropping flashback to Hatsumi’s tiny-tot days that throws new light on how the veritable train wreck of her life got started. (eMerchandise, Review of "Hot Gimmick", Vol. 8)
  • Now go download this jar dropping trailer! (Breed Files gaming forum, Aug 07, 2002)
  • I know I don’t post much, I am a huge AA fan too, but I have been watching alot of Pride and alot UFC, and my eyes are open now, Pride is by far better, watching fights with pride is jar-dropping, UFC has become boring as hell, all of the buildup and then have lackluster fights. (Sherdog mixed martial arts forum, July 12, 2006)

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In the ADS-L thread, Mark Peters calls this eggcorn “one of the most logical [he] can remember”.

The spelling of body parts is taught from the beginning of elementary school onwards, and it is therefore unlikely writers who use “jar-dropping” instead of “jaw-dropping” are simply misspelling “jaw”.

Still, a measure of caution might be advisable, given that there are a number of cites similar to

> _I went straight to their site and my jar dropped._ (link)
> _Charley’s jar dropped._ (link)
> _I lost count of how many times my jar dropped as I listened._ (link)

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