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Classification: English

Spotted in the wild:

  • “If i can’t get this lever to work I my as well trash my whole mod. and crawl inside of a bottle.” (link)
  • “you my as well set yourself up with a cathador then have to run to port-o-johns every 10 minutes…” (link)
  • “I figure if I haven’t broken that habit now at the age of 22, I my as well come to peace with it and push ahead!” (link)

This one belongs with mine as and minus as reinterpretations of the first part of the idiom might as well. They probably all originated in mishearings and depend on some listeners’ unsureness about the identity of the first part of the idiom. They aren’t great examples of eggcorns, because they don’t (as Ben Zimmer observed to me about the nasal versions) make “sense” like the classic eggcorns do.

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