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  • I think everyone has a superstitious side. Have you ever seen pennies around blackjack tables? There is an old wise tale having to do with heads and tails. People throw them at the side of the table and depending on the outcome…they may play or move on! (Let's Talk Winning, Jan. 31, 2002)
  • Re: Will surfing with a cold make me sicker, or is that an old wives tale?
    Its just an old wise tale, the salt water will clean out your sinuses and you’ll feel like a million bucks after a nice session of surf. (SurferMag Message Boards, Jan. 23, 2004)
  • i have been told, by an old time hatcher, that cooler hatching temps produce more of one sex then the other. has anyone ever experienced this or what he just feeding me an old wise tale? (GardenWeb Farm Life Forum, Feb. 4, 2005)
  • I don’t think that’s really true; it’s more like an unsubstantiated wise tale. (Orientation and Mobility listserv, Oct. 6, 2004)
  • Take for an example a CEO who can’t get email to members of his board, his investors, or even his grandmother because his company’s email system has been blacklisted. Seem like a wise tale? It’s not. The filtering of legitimate email is now an everyday occurrence. (Chip's Deliverability Tips, Aug. 18, 2004)

See also “old wise tail.”

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    what does it mean if you see a moon in the day time

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