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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2006-10-24 14:59:16

Registered: 2006-10-24
Posts: 1

"death nail" for "death knell"

I saw this on a personal soccer (U.S.) blog, and thought, “Ah-ha! An eggcorn!”

“The [MLS team Chicago] Fire played 11 of their first 12 matches on the road. People all over the place predicted that this would be a death nail for the team’s season.”

( … es-to.html)

Probably it is influenced by, and mixed with, other metaphors, such as a “nail in the coffin” of something. Google gives 1.4 million+ hits for “death knell”. Meanwhile, most usages of “death nail” seem to be in blogs and informal writing.

What do you think? Did I find one?!



#2 2008-03-13 06:03:27

Registered: 2006-07-07
Posts: 6

Re: "death nail" for "death knell"

I think you’re right. I saw it today too…
‘I said the Palm Foleo was the death nail for Palm.’
from … -1152.html

Google turns up lots of sports hits!



#3 2008-03-13 10:45:14

From: Colorado
Registered: 2007-09-05
Posts: 285

Re: "death nail" for "death knell"

Welcome to the forum! Great find. It’s been discussed before (and I think it’s a pretty valid eggcorn because the imagery is so strong). … hp?pid=114

(Our search engine is a little cantankerous, and also there really are two, so don’t feel bad that you didn’t find it.)

P.S. (edit): Wow. I didn’t see how old the original post was! In any case, this one has been cover a couple of times, but it’s a good one.

Last edited by JonW719 (2008-03-13 11:04:29)

Feeling quite combobulated.



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