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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2018-01-10 17:13:54

From: Mexico
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scentuous, etc.

This was suggested by Peter’ recent report of lustuous(/lustious) . There are plenty of misspellings of sensuous, and some of them may well have eggcornish possibilities. Blending or other kinds of influential interaction with sumptuous, luscious, sinuous and less-reputable words like licentious or even incestuous is likely going on, as well as brute misspelling. Scent is naturally part of the picture as well (besides, of course, the senses). Perhaps sent (over the edge) = drive you crazy , who knows what else.
None strike me immediately as good eggcorns. Maybe scentuous if anybody uses it in all innocence.
A fair number of hits on sentuous .

I still remember vividly on warm balmy nights, after swimming in that wonderful pool, drinking in a heady atmosphere pervaded with a sentuous mixture of exotic aromas and sights, and above all, beautiful women.

Here we see Bobby moving from the slow thumping single of “Slowdown” to the clubs with this sentuous but well done single.

Whistles man has been crafted with special ingredients, blended with exotic spices and a woody, sentuous background. Top notes include a citrus grapefruit that creates a clean and fresh scent only for the aware Whistles man.

did not think a man wrote that. Not sure I can say this or express this right. The feelings were too sentuous or maybe even real.

The power of the image is demonstrated by its sentuous, fluid lines.

Many for scentuous and most of it likely wordplay. Apparently the name was chosen for a scented camellia and a gum tree as well as lots of boutiques, shops, etc.:

While ‘Scentuous’, ‘Cinnamon Scentsation’, ‘Spring Mist’, ‘High Fragrance’ and ‘Fragrant Pink’ are quite susceptible hybrids, the hybrid ‘Quintessence’ is only moderately susceptible and hybrids ‘Minato-no-akebono’, ‘Minato-no-haru’ and ‘Koto no Kaori’ have low susceptibility.

One of these new varieties of Dwarf Lemon Scented gum is called ‘Scentuous’ and this only grows 6 to 7 meters tall. It has beautiful fine hanging foliage with a lovely sharp crisp lemon fragrance and it’s absolutely fabulous. It’s a Eucalyptus you can grow in your garden with confidence

Deeply scentuous account of being in the presence of the living, breathing plants

Doubly Scentuous Soy Tin Candle – Our Shop

Layers Fragrance Foam (scented hand sanitizer). The scent you’ll receiving is called Quiver (smells as sentuous as it sounds!)

Scentuous Prints: Scentuous Limited Edition Prints

Lots of hits for sensious and sentious , probably most of them more misspellings than anything else:

Sensious Green Chiffon Designer Saree With matching blouse piece at best price.

She had a very powerful sentious voice.

Plenty of hits for parallel spellings of sentual, sential , etc. (Too much crud to make it much fun to look through. I’m done!)

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