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#1 2006-10-11 20:02:07

Peter Forster
From: UK
Registered: 2006-09-06
Posts: 866

'elbone' for 'elbow'

I heard this for the first time today, and although there aren’t many google mentions it seems pretty eggcornish, as it is a bone and is frequently L-shaped too.

And finally…the mall where I fell and broke my elbone sent me a bouquet of cookies yesterday, apologizing for me almost DYING on its ice skating rink. ... – 16k – Supplemental Result –

... this discovery was combined with the doc noticing the large patch of psoriasis on my elbone, she felt compelled to go and refer me to a dermotologist. ... – 85k – Supplemental Result -



#2 2009-03-23 03:37:50

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 971

Re: 'elbone' for 'elbow'

Here’s an extension for this wonderful eggcorn. This one also makes perfect sense if you think about it. You can break a joint at one of two places where your body changes direction—the angle at the bottom of your leg, and at the el-bone as pointed out here by Peter Forster.

Since my years of kiteboarding, I have had plenty of accidents: Broke my back twice, broke my leg, broke my angle, broke my heals, paralyzed my right shoulder, and so on… ( … 2&p=575867)

As for Korn, they were also awesome!!! Just a pity I almost broke my angle numerous time with the mud pit and unequal ground. ( … and-videos)

But fate stepped in when Gene Kelly broke his angle and Fred Astaire took over the role. ( … tent.shtml)

Starting at age six she started competing — and winning — in gymnastics. At age 15, however, she broke her angle, which resulted in her switching to fitness competitions ( … cle/158646)

Here’s a recent version of the el bone:

Hung around the doctor’s all day mon and laid around seeping all day tues. Gotta freaking infection in my el bone that’s now spread all over my arm. I think it’s getting better, though. It’s not as swolt now. ( … c0fee4e4f3)

Don’t miss the connection to spring, sprang and sprung ankles: … p?id=2814. Can it be that this will be a double-yolked eggcorn? The coup de grace: 43 ughits for “sprang my angle”. Examples and the above variations:

last time i used a one of those I managed to sprang my angle. lol. good times! (

I tripped over my own feet and sprung my angle ( … hings.html)

i spring my angle durin a couple of day ( … -life.html)

Google asked me, Did you mean: “sprang my ankle



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