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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2006-10-20 13:15:56

Registered: 2006-08-08
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SKIDDISH (skittish)

Google counts on Oct. 20, 2006
1,240,000 skittish
43,700 skiddish—eggcorn
Analysis by Joe Krozel

“Skittish” means “marked by extreme caution.” (In the context of animals, “skittish” means easily frightened).

There is a slang term “to put the skids on” which means to bring to a halt. Perhaps one who puts the skids on something—out of undue caution—might be considered “skiddish.”


MacDailyNews | SG Cowen downgrades Apple shares to ‘neutral’ from …Investors can be skiddish—if they are skiddish enough, ... They’re skiddish and now, even if Apple proves them wrong, it’s easy for them to say that even … – 71k – Cached – Similar pages

Off Topic VIII [Archive] – Page 24 – Gorillamask ForumsI’m skiddish about using my camera phone for taking pics like that… Mainly because the phone puts the image of whatever you’re looking at through the … – 88k – Cached – Similar pages

Lazy Daisy LogI tell Charlie that “thoroughbreds are naturally skiddish”. I say skiddish cause it sounds better than scared to death or having to surpress the desire to … – 21k – Cached – Similar pages

Comments on: My disabled month8221; She looked troubled at the word disabled (you know, all those ADA rules etc. have school personnel skiddish) and scurried down to the playground while … … onth/feed/ – 32k – Cached – Similar pages

Tech SeigeIs the government so skiddish that they are afraid we will revolt over any show of “weakness”. Troops overseas (I can say from personal experience) feel … … e=Personal – 24k – Cached – Similar pages

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