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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2006-11-20 03:43:33

Registered: 2006-08-08
Posts: 1455

KNOW-brainer (no-)

Google counts on Nov. 19, 2006
1,390,000 “no-brainer”
546 “know-brainer”—eggcorn
Analysis by Joe Krozel

Perhaps something might be called a “know brainer” when it is something one would readily know to be true.

Examples: pool all night long w/ the boy’s is for sure a know brainer when it comes to fun. Music. Movies, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory(old style), ... – 135k – Cached – Similar pages

Backing the Bucs #29 Podcast Poll Question – Bang The Boards! on …This really is a know brainer he contributed more to the game and more to a country than anyon eever has, he was a great player and it would honor the … – 89k – Cached – Similar pages

Allen TX Home Rentals, Houses for rent, search homes or Houses for …This unit is a know brainer when it comes to deciding to move in. It includes a game room, movie room, two formal … more details … … earchnew=1 – 36k – Cached – Similar pages Message Board – Samsung SCD365/363Just look at the video and still photo scores…’s a know brainer in my opinion. Canon make camcorders, Samsung nodout would like to make camcorders … – 61k – Cached – Similar pages

How On Earth!!??!!??!!!!!?? – PhotoForum.comIf you have a Wacom (or similar brand) drawing tablet, it’s a know brainer. But it can also be done with a scanner and PS. User is online! My Gallery ยท PM … … etlastpost – 68k – Cached – Similar pages > Charlie And Joey Here To 09This was a know brainer,i think both of these cats would go for waay more then what their making now, on the open market. Toronto Raptors … … t6332.html – 33k – Cached – Similar pages



#2 2014-07-31 06:14:29

From: Spain
Registered: 2009-08-15
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Re: KNOW-brainer (no-)

that is an o brainer, girlie.

Seems like an o brainer to do bulk buy discounts for atomizers

A first next year is like a 2nd this year, and looking at it that way, still an o brainer imo

OK, there’s the distinct possibility that it’s unintentional but it reworks the original into a plausible alternative, intended or not.

On the plain in Spain where it mainly rains.



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