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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2006-11-29 16:46:42

Registered: 2006-08-08
Posts: 1455

THUMP one's nose at (thumb).

Google counts on Nov 29, 2006
57,300 “thumbed his nose at”
184 “thumped his nose at”—eggcorn
Analysis by Joe Krozel

Perhaps thumbing one’s nose just doesn’t have enough impact in conveying an irreverent message… Wouldn’t thumping get the message across much more forcefully?


The Tribune, Chandigarh, India – Delhi and neighbourhood… of Satyamev Puram district, Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala virtually thumped his nose at it by announcing development projects relating to it. ... – 51k – Cached – Similar pages | features | development Towards an …So confident was the president of bringing home the bacon by now that he thumped his nose at all those complaining that, by spending more time abroad, ... … 439776.htm – 58k – Cached – Similar pages

Amana OnlineAtiku also messed up big time at the inception of their only legitimate mandate in 1999 when he thumped his nose at his constituency more than once all in … – 21k – Cached – Similar pages

United States History As It Relates to Blace AmericansHe thumped his nose at convention, and whipped everybody they sent at him, but there was no GREAT WHITE HOPE. Not until Jack was convinced into throwing the … – 25k – Cached – Similar pages

Google Answers: Help finding Specialized Health Information ReseachersAnyway, my wonderful physician who thumped his nose at various collegues and did some unconventional things to keep me alive and get me well, ... – 25k – Cached – Similar pages

reflections: November 2005… Chavez of Venezuela, thumped his nose at Bush, with massive anti-US demonstrations using some of the most vile languages being used to denounce American … – 159k – Cached – Similar pages

DEHAI NEWS MAILING LIST ARCHIVE: [dehai-news] (NewVision – Uganda …Everyone was ticked off that the old man of Zimbabwe had once again thumped his nose at his foes. Mugabe pulled off a similar stunt last year when he shook … … /0209.html – 11k – Supplemental Result – Cached – Similar pages



#2 2007-06-12 21:58:12

Registered: 2007-06-12
Posts: 2

Re: THUMP one's nose at (thumb).

Today the principal at my school said that our local university “snubs its nose” at our school instead of “thumbs its nose.”

Google search for string “snubs its nose” = 304
Google search for string “thumbs its nose” = 39,500

A definition of “snub” is to slight or dismiss, so snubbing one’s nose would seem to be a natural extension of the verb snub, especially if one didn’t understand the history of the gesture of thumbing one’s nose.

Examples of “snubs its nose” from Google search results

From the record of an Australian parliamentary debate:

The Government’s response is to mock the finding of the ABA. It snubbed its nose at the authority; it says that the finding was ludicrous, ridiculous and absurd. That was the attitude of the Government to the accountability issue of political advertising. The Government snubs its nose and says that it will continue to do this despite what the authority says.

From the blog of an editor at the Clarion-Ledger newspaper of Jackson, Mississippi:

The Clarion-Ledger filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the City of Jackson because of repeated failures of the administration to respond to open records request. This is not about the paper vs. Frank Melton. A government that snubs its nose at open records and open meetings laws is not only breaking the law, but telling citizens to take a hike.



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