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#1 2006-12-10 17:23:13

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Detoured for Deterred

Saw this one in one of the YahooGroups I moderate. It was as follows: “I am guessing she isn’t one of those sorts that would be detoured from sexual activity. . .” The funny thing is that the meaning of detoured, which is of course a real word, is almost the same: ”# A deviation from a direct course of action.” . I am certain, however, that the writer intended it to mean “prohibited” rather than “deviated from”.
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#2 2014-07-19 18:52:36

Dixon Wragg
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Re: Detoured for Deterred

Do you have some plans to work with? I am a bit deturd with ventalation, thermocoupelrs and the technical aspects. Can you help in any way?
comment thread

I was woried yud be deturd by the zimerman vurdicked but you soldered on.
another comment thread

And please don’t be deturd from coming to our wonderful country on the words of what lunch box said
Q&A site

And I found lots of examples of “deturd” as a synonym for “devein”, as in shrimp, which makes a lot of sense to me. “Devein” seems euphemistic, and I hate euphemism.

Anyhow, “deturd” for “deterred” seems eggcornish because the perp could be thinking of giving up because they’re in deep shit, getting a lot of crap, and feeling pretty shitty about it.



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