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#1 2007-04-08 08:03:59

Peter Forster
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"paste eggs" for "pace eggs" for "pasch eggs"

paste eggs – 442 ghits
pace eggs – 1,610 ghits
pasch eggs – 4,630 ghits

Perhaps more folk etymology than (Easter) eggcorn, but topical at least, the word ‘paste’ arriving via the Latin ‘pascha’ from the Aramaic ‘pacha’ for Passover/Easter.
As a child I knew them as ‘paste’ or ‘pace’ eggs, which after careful preparation and decoration we rolled down a convenient hill until they broke; then you were allowed to eat what remained, complete with bits of grass and gravel.
‘Paste’ might suggest covering surfaces or attaching eg onion skins to eggs while boiling them, or it might be ‘paste’ as in imitation jewellery, for some strands of the tradition would have the eggs ‘blown’ then very highly decorated and preserved in glass containers. Such eggbound customs were commonplace over many countries and cultures but now, in the UK at least, Easter seems little more than an egg-shaped festival of chocolate (which starts just after Christmas, another well-known chocolate festival).

In the north of England coloured eggs are called Pace or Paste Eggs and in various parts of the country children still roll them along the ground, ... – 22k – 6 Apr 2007 – Cached

I always used to think it was paste eggs, what does pace mean? Hot Cross Buns great for breakfast. Even picky 7 year olds like them. ... – 41k – Cached

Before Dale View was built that field had a lovely bank and at Easter we used to roll our paste eggs down the bank. Going over quarry heads and picking all … … /memories/ – 19k – Cached



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