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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2005-12-01 01:37:00

From: California
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 1665


And “hate-mongreling,” “smile-mongreling,” etc. for “war-mongering,” etc. Nearly 200 ghits. Maybe the writers feel the people they’re writing about are as mean as mongrel dogs. But many mongrels are quite friendly; it’s more likely that this is a malapropism. Examples:

i hate using this but the best example (although extreme) would be south park
they make jews all look like money-mongreling whiners, christians like red-neck idiots. … 103a9c480f

All the while Bush and all his chicken-hawk war-mongreling lap dogs were drooling at the chance to go into Iraq. … ostcount=4

How do we as Americans take back our country, I ask when still many of my fellow Americans either don’t “get it,” “don’t want to” or “just don’t care” because they’re stuck on stupid, stuck on hatred, stuck on war-mongreling when in fact they too are aiding and abetting the crimes of this administration.

And the smile-mongreling Viet politicians weaseled, stuffed pockets full of cash, dug holes, waved the flag, came up with ways to make good appear bad, wrong appear right. … 94150773e8

Let’s just all wait until the verdict is out. Then we can start the hate mongreling … 7305baa887



#2 2005-12-09 11:01:43

Brenda M. Shaw
Registered: 2005-12-09
Posts: 15

Re: "war-mongreling"

The noun form of “monger”, which means a dealer or peddler, or one who spreads or encourages something, is not neglected:


“Bush is a war mongrel just like his father…”

From :

“I am so grateful to know that even the Republicans were turned off by this polarizing hate mongrel that we elected entirely too many times—I am grateful to be rid of him!!”

Google turned up 1750 hits for “war mongrel”, 200 for “hate mongrel”, only 12 for “fear mongrel”, and 316 for “fish mongrel” (!!).

From … cipe_id=36 :

“Auntie was in the fish business at this time. Mom called her the “fish mongrel.””

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#3 2006-01-29 20:03:32

From: New Zealand
Registered: 2005-11-09
Posts: 30

Re: "war-mongreling"

Can’t say I’d hear dof this one before but as soon as I read you post I was reminded of the following quotations from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar ”...let slip the dogs of war.”



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