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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2007-06-25 00:37:02

From: Winchester Massachusetts
Registered: 2005-10-25
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'Full Bright scholarship' for 'Fulbright Scholarship'

The Fulbright scholarship program is, of course, named in honor of the late US senator J. William Fulbright.

Lately, I’ve started to hear the phrase ‘full ride scholarship’ to describe a financial award that covers all the expenses of attending a school. I think it’s an amalgam of ‘full scholarship,’ and the idiom ‘free ride.’ But since a ‘free rider’ is someone who derives a unearned benefit from the efforts of others, the term has a slightly unsavory connotation; economists, for example talk about ‘free rider problems’ and how to avoid them. Giving out a ‘free ride scholarship’ wouldn’t sound quite right.

In any case, anyone used to talking about ‘full ride scholarships’ should have no trouble making the leap to ‘full bright scholarships’-i.e., full scholarships for bright people. Some examples:

Prof Leslie Swartz was granted an Alumnus Full Bright Scholarship to continue his work on culture and mental health in the USA.

Bangalore professor gets america`s full bright scholarship.

And then there is this full bright scholarship for america too. ... One should be able to get HEC or full bright scholarship with these credentials.

She was sent abroad on Full Bright scholarship to USA in 1960. She came back successfully, loaded with training and techniques of teaching.



#2 2019-04-29 09:25:51

From: Mexico
Registered: 2007-10-11
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Re: 'Full Bright scholarship' for 'Fulbright Scholarship'

A perp confession (from a contributor to my daughter’s website):

In highschool I thought the fulbright scholarships meant full ride scholarships until I saw it written down. For years I thought the phrase Dog eat dog world was Doggy Dog world which I see now is an eggcorn! I love this video thank you for sharing!!!!!

Ken seems to think of “full ride scholarship” as formed independently of “Fulbright Scholarship”. I agree that it may well be and probably is for at least some people. But for others, like this woman, I think it may be a fullblown eggcorn.

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