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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2005-10-14 19:27:02

Chris Waigl
Eggcorn Faerie
From: London, UK
Registered: 2005-10-14
Posts: 115

I declare the bazar open.

The Eggcorn Database has attracted a number of dedicated contributors. My thanks go to all of them.

There is still much that could and should be improved, but one issue that I have been particularly dissatisfied with is the lack of reactivity, mostly on my own part, to the comments that have been posted there. The format of the comment threads doesn’t lend itself very well to discussions about specific points, and many inquiries and remarks have been left unanswered. Submissions that won’t make it into the database or that need further investigation should also receive proper attention. The easy solution is to move all these discussion to a proper forum.

The layout of this forum site is supposed to be clear and simple. New submissions should go into the Contribute sub forum. The Eggcornology forum is the place to ask questions about eggcorns or to point out interesting eggcorn articles posted elsewhere. Malapropisms, syntactic blends, snowclones, or any other language-related matter can be discussed under the topic Slips, innovations and reshapings. Finally, the Soapbox is there to receive your criticism or suggestions for improvement.

I have selected the punBB forum software because it is easy to use and manage, and has all the important features and hardly any of those I find superfluous. If you like, you can upload avatars, but smilies are disabled. There will certainly be some hangups in the beginning, so bear bare bear with me.

A word about posting: You will need to register (here at the forum). The registration form will accept usernames with spaces, for example of the form “firstname lastname”. The posting interface is simple: just write. Blank lines create a new paragraph.

The font and encoding preferences allow the use of IPA and other non-Latin characters.

If you want to go further and add fancy formatting to your posts, you can. The forum uses the Textile markup language, which allows for text styling, footnotes, hyperlinks, lists, tables, image insertion and a lot more. There is a link below the text entry field that leads to a short overview; other quick introductions are here, here and here.

(But let me stress that there is no need whatsoever to use the full power of Textile in order to post a simple contribution.)

I hope the forum will do what it’s supposed to do: facilitate the discussion. Suggestions are, of course, welcome.



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