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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2007-08-29 02:25:05

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As in

“Apple stores in San Francisco were supposed to have models available on Monday, although AT&T stores are plum out.”
-as posted on at <>

I see this usage of “plum” instead of the correct “plumb”(“Utterly; completely” -American Heritage Dictionary) very often. Perhaps it is an eggcorn, by way of the meaning of “plum” as in the American Heritage Dictionary “An especially desirable position, assignment, or reward.”

I am new to the concept of eggcorns, having just heard of them today 8/29/07.



#2 2007-09-04 09:55:13

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Re: Plum>>Plumb

My understanding of “plumb” is usually true or accurate (as achieved by lining something up against a plumbline)

However, in the phrases “plum tuckered out” or “I plum forgot” where plum means “completely” this spelling would be my instinct.
The use of plum to mean desirable as in “he got a really plum job at the bank” seems to me to come from the children’s rhyme in which Jack Horner sticks his thumb in a pie and pulls out a plum. He gets the best, sweetest part of the dish.

However, I am not a linguist so someone may be able to correct me.

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