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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2008-02-20 08:42:16

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"stomping" on the campaign trail for stumping on the campaign trail

This is an eggcorn which just came up within the last few weeks. I have been caught up in the fervor of the Obama campaign and my husband and I spend a lot of time watching cnn or msnbc on election nights for the current results of the presidential race. I was explaining how sad I was that Barack had not come “stomping” in our state and we had only had seen his wife Michelle at a rally. My husband laughed with glee as I had just invented another eggcorn. It makes sense to think that a candidate would “stomp” on the campaign trail, I now realize the origin of campaign stumping when people would literally stand on stumps to be heard by the masses much like a soapbox.



#2 2012-05-02 19:57:33

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Re: "stomping" on the campaign trail for stumping on the campaign trail

I found this post via a google search for “stomp for” and eggcorn…
Reason I was doing that was that under Midwest section just (2 May 2012) had a link with title of:

“Christie stomps for Gov. Walker WLUK”
However the link itself leads to … hpt=us_bn6
Which simply said “New Jersey governor campaigns for Gov. Walker”
in fact a link in the article was “Photos: Christie stumps for Walker”
So it was a CNN staffer that made the error…

Also, it was tweeted here: … hYomeXRGaQ

“NJ Governor Chris Christie stomps for GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney tomorrow in Iowa”

This might be a good one – stomping implies walking around talking to people, and getting the word out. Of course Stumping is standing in one place, a stump, and getting word out, but the basic mechanism and action of being a proponent is the same.



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