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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2006-02-06 02:36:57

From: California
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As a kid, I assumed the card game Pinochle was spelled “Peaknuckle.” And in my kid brain that made a bit of sense somehow: the adults’ knuckles looked a little like peas when they were holding their cards. “Peaknuckle” got 285 raw hits, while “Peeknuckle” got 870 – but I don’t want to think about what the latter group might have been envisioning. Examples:

You should have seen the riots that happened after the reigning Peaknuckle champion was defeated by a 10-year-old. … 10276.html

God may be an answer, but as I said before, if God’s an answer – so are 3 supernatural Albino monkeys playing peaknuckle.

I like to draw and when I’m not drawing I’m hunting down art thieves and playing peaknuckle in thier esophaguses. … =clnk&cd=4



#2 2006-05-21 20:57:46

Chris Waigl
Eggcorn Faerie
From: London, UK
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Re: "peaknuckle"

I was about to post this—a particularly charming one—but then ran into doubts. I’m not familiar with Pinochle, so bear with me. Some sites describe a game called Peaknuckle which doesn’t look like Wikipedia’s account of Pinochle . For example:

Peaknuckle is a simulation of the three shells and a pea game. The Palm version uses six shells. After hiding the pea with a selected shell, all six shells are put in random motion on the screen. Your objective is to carefully follow the previously selected shell. When the shells cease moving, tap on the shell that you think is hiding the pea. If you are correct, the letter “P” will be revealed. Shells cannot pass thru or over each other. Don’t blink!

Any insight into how many different games we are dealing here?



#3 2006-05-22 00:45:24

From: California
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 1665

Re: "peaknuckle"

I wasn’t aware that “the Shell Game” is sometimes called “Peaknuckle,” though I have heard it called “Find the Pea” (and “Cups and Balls,” and many other things much less polite).

Chris, you may know this by some form of the name “bezique.” It doesn’t seem to be popular with Americans my age or younger, but the older generation on the German side of my family all know it. Great game.

I posted this in “Slips…” because I couldn’t find any evidence that anyone else made the pea-plus-knuckle connection. In any case, there are lots of “peaknuckle” posts that make it clear that the card game is being referred to:

pinochle. 1864, Peaknuckle, perhaps from Swiss dialect Binokel (Ger.), binocle (Fr.), from Fr. binocle “pince-nez,” from M.L. binoculus “binoculars.” Taken as a synonym for bésigue “bezique,” the card game, and wrongly identified with besicles “spectacles,” probably because the game is played with a double deck. Pinochle was popularized in U.S. late 1800s by Ger. immigrants. … hmode=none

How about some cards? You like Peaknuckle? Or some Gin Rummy?

I think I was also in my teens when I realized the card game is “pinochle,” not “peaknuckle.” … chive.html

After her retirement Sarah spent much of her time playing cards with those same friends and others. They enjoyed playing cribbage, euchre, peaknuckle and rummy. … clnk&cd=27

Possibly the key to her vitality, Kelly remains active. Kelly loves to play cards. “I play bridge and peaknuckle. I also enjoy playing fun games with the children,” she said. … cleID=1775

The great secret of masonic meetings: we play alot of cards, especially peaknuckle (I know I mispelled that). Thats it. Depressing, isnt it? The great secret “controllers of society” just sit and play eucher and peaknuckle. Shhh! Dont ell anyone. Wouldnt want it to affect world economy. … ca3a709f40



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