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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2006-02-09 23:44:56

Registered: 2006-02-09
Posts: 2

"affectionado" for "aficionado"

Discovered this one in the comments thread for

On the whole, however, Hi-Fi affectionadoes are a reasonable lot and generally considerably more scientifically-minded that the average person. Most ‘ridiculously expensive’ equipment therefore not only looks impressive but is made to an exacting technical standard. Many high-end manufacturers are themselves affectionadoes who care a great deal about the ’science’. This means on the whole the products do what they claim to do. As with most things, it is possible to find exceptions of course.

At first I thought maybe he was using the word on purpose, but after seeing 17,800 Google hits, I’m convinced it’s a legit eggcorn, esp. the interpolation of English “affection” in place of the Latin/Spanish root for a word meaning the same thing.

More samples from the wild:

Recent news articles have determined that ownership and control of the site is held by a Phillip John Eide, an unemployed 26 year-old self-confessed computer gamer and wrestling affectionado from Portland, Oregon

I think it would be good if some of you linux affectionado’s could enlighten the rest of us as to what the benifits are, & maybe convince a few more of us that it may be worth the time & dedication it would take to exlore this option.

If you’re likewise a sci fi affectionado, I highly recommend the film “Galaxy Quest,” a well-written comedic riff on “Star Trek” (site requires Flash) and the magnificient new YA, Boy Proof by Cecil Castellucci (Candlewick, 2005).



#2 2006-02-11 20:17:20

From: California
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 1669

Re: "affectionado" for "aficionado"

“Affectionado” is starting to have a long history here on Contribute. It was first suggested by Karen on February 18th, 2005 – just 3 days after the Database and associated pages had gone public. (Hey! The first year anniversary is this Wednesday.) The earlier Contribute pages are no longer easily accessible, but I’ve rescued Karen’s post from a Google cache:

I’ve recently seen “affectionado” used for “aficionado”. That may not qualify as an eggcorn though, since it seems to sort of mean the same thing. I still love it though!
There also seems to be some confusion on the internet and elsewhere, about whether something is a “sea change” or a “seed change”.

(Karen’s suggestion of “seed change” hasn’t been taken up – it gets over 600 raw hits.)

In a post that went up August 13th 2005, the indefatigable Ken Lakritz independently discovered the word and added some Google data and many examples. That post, too, has now been consigned to the purgatory of a Google cache. To make the whole thing fit into one block quotation, I’ve crammed it all together:

‘affectionado’ for ‘aficionado.’ Surprisingly common-over 20,000 google references! Examples:
I think it would be good if some of you linux affectionado’s could enlighten the rest of us as to what the benifits are ……
If you’re likewise a sci fi affectionado, I highly recommend the film “Galaxy
Quest,” a well-written comedic riff on “Star Trek” ……
If you are an affectionado of Birds of Prey (and even if you’re not) then I’m
sure you’ll be quite taken with this collector plate by Spode of England, ……
Our editor at Harold Shaw is also a diner affectionado and we gathered at various diners in and around the city of Chicago to talk ……
If you’re a motorcycle affectionado, consider staying with us during spring break for Bike week or in October for the Biketober Fest.
I’m an AMD affectionado. I’ve been using AMD chips since the days of 386s, and they’ve consistenly rocked my computing world.
iH5 iPod dock alarm clock … a bit much to spend on an alarm clock (although still cheaper than other dock/speaker combos), but seemingly essential for the insane iPod affectionado.…
Looking for a sophisticated gift for the music affectionado? Give them a string trio to play classical music for a dinner or cocktail party. $600.…
No one leaves Chicago without becoming an affectionado of the Blues.…

Both these posts went up during the days when suggestions from Contribute were still making their way to the Eggcorn Database proper, so the fact that “affectionado” never enjoyed such an elevation suggests that someone agreed with Karen in thinking it wasn’t really an eggcorn. I’m not sure I agree; yes, “aficionado” is derived from the Spanish word for “affection,” but it’s not accurate to say that it means the same thing as “having affection for something/somebody” in typical English usage today. I’m an aficionado of science fiction, but personally I’d feel silly saying I have an affection for science fiction novels or even for the genre as a whole. And I’m not sure the people for whom I feel affection would appreciate being told that I’m an aficionado of theirs; at the very least, they’d consider it an odd word choice. So to foreground the idea of “affection” in a reanalysis of the word “aficionado” really is eggcornish in my view—it demonstrates an understanding of the word that alters its standard meaning somewhat. And with thousands of hits, “affectionado” is a pretty widespread eggcorn, too. If the Database ever reopens to contributions from the public at large, I hope the members of the braintrust will reconsider Karen’s/Ken’s/camcgee’s suggestion.



#3 2014-11-16 18:03:55

Dixon Wragg
From: Cotati, California
Registered: 2008-07-04
Posts: 1375

Re: "affectionado" for "aficionado"

FWIW, I would agree that “affectionado” is an eggcorn. Here’s the recent example I encountered (I forget where):

... as an affectionado of the arts, having a Masters degree in the performing arts…

Last edited by Dixon Wragg (2014-11-16 18:47:14)



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