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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2006-03-04 07:03:59

From: California
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"bold-legged" for "bow-legged"

Those who read my post on “pop-bellied” will realize that I’m double-dipping with this one. In one of my examples for that entry (given as the first citation below), I found another eggcorn I’d never seen before: “bold-legged.” This one gets over 4000 Google hits. Huh. Sometimes pursuing eggcorns makes my mother tongue seem like a foreign language.

I would guess that the “boldness” of this condition has to do with the way that it draws attention to itself when a bow-legged person is standing. Examples:

Personally for example I don’t care if they are overweight , flat breasted , pop bellied and bold legged , as long as they have a cute face , its an extra weakness that has also tended to keep me single .

JESSICA SIMPSON: She’s like bold-legged, the way she sits.
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bow-legged. What did you call it?
JESSICA SIMPSON: I said bold. … tn.01.html

Q.4143 Hello Good Can riding horses cause bold-legs? Or do people that have ridden horses for a long time become bold-legged? … =clnk&cd=5

Mami, I put my best foot forward though it’s kinda awkward
Cuz ya pigeon-toed and bold-legged.
But you ain’t too proud to beg.

I’m not sure exactly what they’re saying, but I was told once that it means something along the lines of “By the head of your bold-legged father”. … mom.html

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