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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2009-06-23 05:21:00

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1104

"Asian Orange" for Agent Orange

The application of the toxic defoliant code-named Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War, to strip the countryside of vegetation and crops, had horrific consequences on health for 400,000 people in that country, produced deformities in a further 500,000 children, and the terrible legacy is still being felt in a range of countries worldwide (link). In no way wishing to trivialize that brutal reality, it is in fact part of the tragedy to remark that victims trying to come to terms with its effects still do not have a clear idea of the identity of this agent, attributing its name to the location of its use, as Asian Orange.

Vet forum:
And the grandpa has been to see a doctor at the VA and his said it might be related to asian orange. Do you know of any doctors that we could get ahold of ask him some questions.

Evocation of Vietnam war era:
A few years ago, Agent Orange was so unfamiliar to most that when veterans complained of lack of treatment fro symptoms allegedly caused by the defoliant that rained on Vietnam some tought they were saying, Asian Orange.
( … 5#PPA57,M1)

Setting the war record straight:
I once had a student inform me about Asian Orange a chemical he said had been employed by the perfidious communists to poison Americans in Vietnam, in violation of international law. When I demonstrated that it was the U.S. that had employed Agent Orange, and he finally consented to believe me, his attitude toward the illegality and immorality of the matter changed suddenly and drastically.
( … _90530880/)

Salon letters:
For McCain pretending he cares about families hurting in this economy, when he owns 7 houses and live in luxry; For McCain talking about chidren and women, when he fire bombed them, dropped napalm and asian orange on them. His compassion sounds fake.
( … 8c/author/)

Missing persons forum:
A friend of ours who after the vietnam war took alot of time looking for ways to counteract the Asian Orange side effects.
( … ukemia-any)

Race forum:
They used nuclear weapons against the vietnamese there are still people disfigured in that country from the asian orange.



#2 2009-06-24 13:54:15

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2641

Re: "Asian Orange" for Agent Orange

Good addition to our coffer of “classic eggcorns.”

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



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