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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2009-07-15 21:43:23

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
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"peakhawk" and "peekhawk" for peacock

There are two races of peacock, the blues of India and the greens of Southeast Asia. The beauty of these magnificent birds was already known in antiquity. The peacock was a favourite of Zeus’ reluctant wife; it is known as the bird of Hera.

Hera was never keen on wedding Zeus, whom she recognized for the philanderer he was. Somehow he cajoled her into taking the plunge despite herself. Hera, the watchful, kept an eye out for divine shenanigans, and got wind of a tryst between hubby and the beauty Io, who were consorting in a cloud that Zeus had conjured up. Zeus tried to disguise his perfidy by turning Io into a white heifer, which he then offered to Hera out of feigned connubial devotion. Hera accepted the gift, and hired another favourite of hers, the hundred-eyed giant Argus, to keep at least several eyes on Io at all times, in order to foil Zeus’ designs. But Zeus sent Hermes to charm Argus with his Pan flute. Once all of Argus’ eyes were safely shut from the Zamfirian knockout pill, Hermes capped him with a rock. When Hera found out about this treachery, she honoured Argus by transferring his eyes to the tail of the peacock, where they remain to this day. Then she sent the gadfly to chastise Io, and drive the tramp off hither and thither, away from the randy Zeus.

The peacock, in OE, was first a pawa and then a po and eventually a pocock. By the 14th C., Chaucer could say, “proud as a pekok”. The web contains redefinitions of the peacock as the peakhawk: the sine qua non among hawks? Or as the peekhawk, thereby neatly referencing Argus’ peepers.

All Empires History Community:
Soon Nadir Shah invaded Afghanistan and India. In India he took the Peakhawk thrown and the Kh-eh-Noor diamond. From then on All Iranian Kings were crowned on the Peakhawk thrown.

Hey, is that an eggcorneal hat trick? A triple bagger? Not really, because thrown is a mere malaprop here I think; “throne/thrown” figures on Brians’ list of homophonous errors.

Collaborative fiction:
“Now if you two wouldn’t mind, I’m going to go and find some peakhawk feathers for my friends.”
( … r/t821.htm)

Disneyland diary:
They had a cute story and everythin’ and I discovered a lot. I got some pictures of this white peakhawk, I’ll be downloadin’ dat later.
( … /t1279.htm)

Photo contest:
This photo looks excellent!!! It looks so mystical and beautiful…I love all the leaves on the ground and the peekhawk and the girl…Everything in this picture very good!!!
( … ?offset=10)

Page 16 of 27 page discussion on rocker’s haircut:
I feel that the new look has ‘exciting’ written all over it. Especially after seeing those Tokyo shots. It seems that this tour has been the bringer of all kinds of new stuff, beginning with Jerome’s peekhawk thing, which I like.
( … d14dbbdfcb)



#2 2009-07-17 01:28:12

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
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Re: "peakhawk" and "peekhawk" for peacock

We haven’t worked much on classifying eggcorns by the type of imagery shifts. “Peakhawk” is one we might call a “DNA substitution.” The fact that “cock” and “hawk” are both birds makes this work as an eggcorn. We don’t have to find more detailed similarities between a peacock and a hawk to rationalize the switch (though it would improve the eggcorn if we could).

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



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