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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2009-07-20 17:00:10

Registered: 2006-08-16
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Loan behold....

I had this one from a coworker, but I also see several examples online:

“walked into the living space and loan behold, a game of kings cup was about to go down. ”

“my mum came in and said to me you have dropped i think your going to go and loan behold the following day i was in labor” … 821AAJVBM4

“Less than a week after Brown and labour finally admitt there is a ‘problem’ after years of been told by everyone else and ignoring them, loan behold up pops this bunch of PC, do-gooder wan*kers to tell Brown he is (in their words) ‘trying to solve a problem that does not exist’.”



#2 2009-07-21 08:01:07

From: Montreal
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Re: Loan behold....

Amazingly common malaprop. The word lo is pretty well gone, lo these many years, except in semi-ironical usages such as lo and behold. None of the substitutes that have rushed in to fill the gap make much sense, though the need is great. Almost any variation you can dream up can be found out there: lone behold, low and behold, lowing behold ... I stopped there.

Lo is said to come from loke, or look. Hard to believe, that one. It was originally a demonstrative interjection, la!. The wonderfully overly enthusiastic The Gaelic etymology of the languages of western Europe, by Charles Mackay, (link), says it comes for a Gaelic word for “daylight”. Lo from loke lokes to me like either a folk etymology, or an eggcornish flavoring to la, whatever the origin of the latter.



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