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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2009-07-26 21:36:05

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1101

"Sleep of the tongue" and "Freudian sleep"

A sleep of the tongue is a gentle way of displacing the blame for a brain on snooze control.

Zimbabwe politics:
Whether it was a joke or sleep of the tongue, I did not find it amusing ( … -at-straws)

The Times, South Africa:
It was a “sleep of the tongue”, he said in an SMS message to the governor. “We will manage it, don’t worsen it,” he begged. More sleep and less slip of that tongue would be in everyone’s best interest.
( … id=1013088)

Zimbabwe News:
This is not the sleep of the tongue its true what Mutambarara said and the only problem is that Mugabe did not have a fellow african leader to support him

Related: Freudian sleep. These were hard to extricate from all the intentional uses, and as usual, caveat eggtor. Potentially a David Tuggian self-referential one.

From the author of spell-checker software:
I have spent an incredible amount of time on this project for the last two weeks …
This was a Freudian sleep – this should be two months.
( … 00079.html)

Huffington Post on dip in underwear sales:
“My theory is that people still want to treat themselves to a luxury item,” he said. ”$150 or $170 jeans were pretty popular. But my theory is that sales on those jeans have fallen. People who want a luxury item are now finding it cheaper to simply buy a $20 dollar pair of deigned underwear instead.”
Comment: “deigned underwear” now there’s a freudian sleep...
( … t_22837308)

Neighbourhood character preservation, New York:
Commenter 1: In the meantime – help support the small business by heading out to Human Palace today! Their spicy wontons are great.
Commenter 2: Uh, did you mean “Hunan,” Your Royal Highness? I mean there were great famines in China, but I didn’t think it got that bad…:)
Commenter 1: LOL. Yes Conan, I meant Hunan, not human. Ewwww…...
Commenter 3: HRH, Just glad it wasn’t a Freudian sleep.
( … t_setb.php)



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