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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2010-10-24 16:08:37

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 970

"recan't" and "as is my won't"

Here are two additions to the small collection of apostrophetic blends, in which the negation of the hidden not adds a certain je ne sais quoi to the mix.

Architecture forum:
Forgive me. I recan’t. Glass and white walls are evil… i will once again swear to the church of Real Architecture.
( … e-company/)

Investment forum:
‘’Well I just bought some more and said I wouldn’t buy anymore.’’ Well we all say things and then recan’t from time to time. lol
( … _id=561351)

Blog comment:
I suggest that you either recan’t your story or make an addendum stating you couldn’t research your way out of a wet paper bag.
( … upid-pill/)

In the Database entry for wont » want, the etymology of wont is provided as “Middle English, past participle of wonen, to be used to, dwell.”. As is my won’t produces a directly contradictory usage. There were 28 legit ghits when I looked a while back. One might legitimately think “classic WTFT”, but interesting nonetheless.

Customer book review:
When this book arrived, I was, as is my won’t, in the middle of four technical books at the time, and this was to be my fiction treat when I had got through them.

Previous entries were can’tankerous, by didn’t of, and a don’ting task



#2 2010-10-24 17:23:07

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2200

Re: "recan't" and "as is my won't"

Love it. Even “recan’t,” though, is a bit contradictory, isn’t it? The reanalysis of “recant” as “recan” (examples below) feels a tad closer the semantic target. Though it is possible that these examples, if they are more than just spelling mistakes, may have in mind “re-can,” to can (to bottle, to put in a container) again,” and not “re-enable.”

Facebook title:= “Video of former Baha’i prisoner talking about how he was tortured to recan his faith in Baha’u’llah. ”

Question in history quiz: “What happened to Luther after he refused to recan his teachings before the emperor’s court”

Comment on a news story: “The incident with Walmart did start by being accused of cutting a line, and now trying to recan their story…. ”



#3 2010-10-25 00:50:38

From: Mexico
Registered: 2007-10-12
Posts: 1803

Re: "recan't" and "as is my won't"

Can’ting one is canning the other. The further off from England, the nearer is to France. If you recan’t your faith, presumably at one point you couldn’t it, then you could, and now again you recan’t.
The notion of re-bottling your faith, stuffing it back in the can, like it was a genie or a jack-in-the-box, is an attractive one.

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*If the human mind were simple enough for us to understand,
we would be too simple-minded to understand it* .

(Possible Corollary: it is, and we are .)



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