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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2006-06-05 20:17:54

Registered: 2006-06-05
Posts: 2

"last result" for "last resort"

Hi, new at this, and couldn’t find it in the database,

but “last result” seems to be an eggcorn of “last resort”, as in “as a last resort we will do x”.

The idea of having to resort to an ultimate plan of action has been turned into the last thing that will happen, namely the “last result”

John Kerry in the Washington Post:
“The fact is that he did not choose to go to war as a last result.” … _1013.html
(whether that is his speech or a transcription, I don’t know)

Wikipedia description of a Pokemon character:
“As a last result, it will clamp the foe with its powerful shell.”

Leon de Winter in the WSJ:
The only weapon that the EU was willing to consider, as a last result, was an economic boycott that would harm Europe’s commercial interests more than Iran’s.

‘as a last result’:18,800
‘as a last resort’:5,180,000



#2 2007-02-21 12:28:17

From: Denmark
Registered: 2006-02-23
Posts: 13

Re: "last result" for "last resort"

I’ve just come across a similar possible eggcorn, myself—good thing there’s a search feature.

I spotted the use “I would never result to begging.” (or words to that effect) in a forum.

A mere 800 raw ghits some of which are unrelated, for instance

“It will never result to referrals in your downline anyway”
“but it will never result to a perfect body”

(I’d have used “in” rather than “to” in both cases)

But others are the eggcornish usage:

“but he would never result to something so heinous”
“that I would never result to what my dear friend Tris …”
“never result to name-calling!”
“2B) never result to inflicting any form of physical or emotional harm to a child”
“He indicates he would never result to violence to make a point”
“The Pack is full of wise, strong and brave wolves that would never result to violence”
“I agree but I think that it should never result to war”
“I sugest something natual, never result to pills”

Some hits seem to be perfectly good, though:

“that I would never result to anything.”



#3 2007-02-21 12:40:17

Registered: 2006-08-08
Posts: 1455

Re: "last result" for "last resort"

Kudos to you Sili for running the search engine before posting.

I just wanted to tag on a related eggcorn in the forum that would only have come up with a slightly different search :

“resulted to” for “resorted to” by Scott Contribute! 1 2006-09-18 16:12:22 by jorkel



#4 2007-02-21 13:30:19

From: Denmark
Registered: 2006-02-23
Posts: 13

Re: "last result" for "last resort"

Oh dear, my apologies. I’m afraid I didn’t stop to ponder the possible conjugations.

Thank you for the reference.



#5 2017-04-30 22:17:13

Dixon Wragg
From: Cotati, California
Registered: 2008-07-04
Posts: 1159

Re: "last result" for "last resort"

And here’s an example of the -ing version of this eggcorn, which I just stumbled upon today:

resulting to Profanity is the public acknowledgment of ignorance
FB comment



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