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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2010-12-23 17:15:43

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Tipsy Eve

The day before Christmas Eve should be celebrated as well (and the day before that). In Newfoundland today was traditionally known as Tib’s or Tibb’s or Tips or Tipps Eve, and sometimes attributed to the shadowy Saint Tib. The accompanying tradition of making the rounds to taste the homebrew before Christmas led to the folk etymology of Tipsy Eve.

Tib’s Eve is also used to mean ‘never’. When’s Tib’s Eve? Some time either before or after Christmas.

This and other treats from The Rock can be found, I discovered today to my great delight, in the now online Dictionary of Newfoundland English. Now to find those words I’ve been looking for, for the frozen rime at high-water around the bay, and around your mouth in winter (edit: ballicatter), and the drip that hangs off your nose when exerting yourself in cold weather, or as an icicle from your overheated eaves (edit: conkerbell or conkerbill).

Guys, man you don’t know what Tipsy Eve is? Its the day before Christmas eve, it was always called Tipsy Eve, well in Newfoundland anyway. So you guys never heard of this before? Its 23rd, Tipsy Eve..the 24th is Christmas Eve..25th is Christmas Day..and the 26th is boxing day. … ort-a.html

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