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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2011-01-21 12:36:05

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"mind as well" / "minds well" for "might as well"

Related to minus well and mine as well.

Not sure what the rethinking would be (nor actually in either of the other two links above), but it seems pretty systematic! Possibly something to do with mental intentions?
It’s discussed at length on the Straight Dope message board, and here is an entry on the Urban Dictionary.

First three links on a Yahoo Answers search for “mind as well”.

And a couple examples:

   Mind as well call them glue!
   I mind as well post my Boston report too
   Mind as well just go to Aruba…or San Juan
   You mind as well live in the projects.

The contraction “minds well” is common, too.

Dreams Come True When You Wake Up (Google Books):
   ”You Minds Well Not Come Visit” (title of a poem)

Looking to Turbo a 93 Prelude (Web forum):
   You minds well do internal work to make the engine stronger.

EVE Search – Suspend Account
   If you want this, you minds well ask for a pay per hour system.



#2 2011-01-22 12:37:48

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Re: "mind as well" / "minds well" for "might as well"

Perhaps “I mind as well…” is a more passive way of saying “I have a good mind to…”

At any rate, I do like this one better than the other versions already in the Database.

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