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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2011-05-13 11:13:30

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2614

zoostera << zostera

Our local community had its first-ever BioBlitz at the end of April. One of my BioBlitz tasks has been to collate the lists and count the species sightings (over 800 species) from the 24-hour census of life. On one of the lists sent to me the taxonomist wrote “Zoostera” as the genus name for sea-grass. Should be Zostera (pronounced ZAH-stir-uh), derived from the Greek word for “belt, girdle.” It’s not just a local plant – Zostera is found in temperate seas almost everywhere in the northern hemisphere.

“Zoostera” is not a bad approximation. Sort of a DNA eggcorn, evoking a feeling of biology (zoology). Hard to imagine this creative misspelling isn’t influenced by the sound and semantics of “zoo.”

Our creative taxonomist has lots of company.

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



#2 2011-05-13 11:27:21

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1562

Re: zoostera << zostera

Zooster also has its shingle out in Herpes zooster.



#3 2011-05-13 18:26:32

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1101

Re: zoostera << zostera

If plants can make it into the animal bin, maybe microbes can resemble vegetation. That was the stimulus for this hunt, which turned up instead something that looks like an Annie Lehman. … swag-on-2/
swine flu is a mutation of the herbies virus and bird flu

Yahoo Questions
HPV and HERBIE’S?......? what is the difference between the two..

pet forum
Just spoke to the vet and Herbies virus is going around my area.

Blog account of herpes brain infection
my brother banged out a hurried e-mail trying to update my family which included references to possible diagnoses like “Lime Disease” and a “Herbies Virus!”
Response: A herbies virus, eh? I’d stay away from volkswagons if I were you.

Herbalist advice
If you get herbies Virus 1 frequently, (mouth sores) avoid using dong quai & Amino acid arginine.

Health forum
You can get aids but’s it’s very slim chance, you would more likely get something mroe like a herbie virus if the guy is infected.

Call Herbie in here!



#4 2011-05-13 20:23:13

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2614

Re: zoostera << zostera

Yes, I know Herbie. Believe me, you don’t want to exchange bodily fluids with him.

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



#5 2011-05-14 05:52:13

From: Mexico
Registered: 2007-10-11
Posts: 2157

Re: zoostera << zostera

Bravo! Herbie’s (whether or not he frequents the zoo or his last name is Zooster) is one of my favorite eggcorns in a while.

Annie Lehmanns when it comes to diseases are especially plausible to me, since so many diseases are in fact named for the person who identified them, or some famous person who suffered from them.

*If the human mind were simple enough for us to understand,
we would be too simple-minded to understand it* .

(Possible Corollary: it is, and we are .)



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