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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2011-07-24 21:50:18

From: Montreal
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"Miracle" for "mickle"

Much came from the loss of the last syllable of M.E. muchel, itself vowel-shifted from O.E. micel, signifying “great in amount or extent,” from P.Gmc. * mekilaz, from PIE *meg- “great.” So much is related to mega: amazing. Mickle is still around in place names and dialects, and in the idiomatic expression ‘Many a little makes a mickle.’ Why little and not lickle is hard to explain. For a’ that, there is a widespread eggcorn in East Asia which has magicked it into a miracle. At least one of the sources is an idiom translation glossary from English to Chinese, that has it wrong.

Many a little makes a miracle.
Japanese savings advice

Reduce the money that you spend in almost all respect systematically, and you’ll find that many a little makes a miracle.
ESL thrift advice

There’s a saying, “Many a little makes a miracle.”
Japanese student in Montreal blog

Amazing Cherry Tree
Look at this tree. This breaks a big rock and keep growing to bloom flowers. This is telling me “constant dripping wears away the stone”. Many a little makes a miracle…
Japanese blogger



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