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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2011-09-17 04:55:31

From: Spain
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Slurry Sully

A messy business

She said with a slurried speech. “My name is Celest.”

I find it deeply disturbing that you would go out of your way to revisit this issue and once again slurry my good name

“Slurry” can be the adjective of “slur”:

“He has a slurry way of talking”

but my pronunciation would be different.

There may well be etymological overlapping:

sully (v.) 1570s (implied in sulliedness), probably from M.Fr. souiller, from O.Fr. souillier “make dirty” (see soil (v.)).

slur (n.) “deliberate slight,” c.1600, from dialectal slur “thin or fluid mud,” from M.E. slore (mid-15c.)

slurry (n.) mid-15c., “mud, slime,” probably related to M.E. sloor “thin or fluid mud” (see slur).

“SL” does seem to lend itself to these kinds of words: slip, slime, slop, slurry and so on.

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