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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2011-11-12 16:23:43

From: Montreal
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"denudement" for denouement

A knot in Nice is “un noeud” (IPA: /nø/), which with any luck can be heard here. It is not a nude, which, on the Riviera, would be un, or preferably, une /ny/ (nu). Dénouer means to undo a knot. The dénouement of a story is the unraveling, the resolution which follows the climax. Calling it a denudement suggests something even more revealing, the characters stripped bare, which fits very nicely as well. Similarly, denewment and denowment, if they’re not just phonetic spellings, can also imply change, renewal, and resolution.

As the political denudement proceeds in Libya, I continue to look for signs of the rise of the third movement being birthed from the emancipation and self-determination movements.
News blog

There’s something wrong with star[t]ing there. The denudement meant nothing. Who is she? what gold? and why would we care if gangsters died or not.
Story setup

Mrs. Tang will teach you everything you need to know about onomatopeia and denewment and she always makes you laugh.
Teacher rating

My biggest complaint is that it was setup a bit obviously for a sequel – i.e. the denowment left me feeling unsatisfied.
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#2 2011-11-12 18:49:19

From: California
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Re: "denudement" for denouement

Nice—even my niece in Nice thinks so. There are other phonetic renderings out there revolving around “new” that might have a hope of eggcornicity; the “new” might be thought to refer to the new situation that arises out of the resolution of the old. And perhaps the “mont” refigures the ending as a kind of climax in its own right. Or maybe this is all merely phonetic. Examples:

Mrs. Tang will teach you everything you need to know about onomatopeia and denewment and she always makes you laugh.

But no, the climax and denewmont was more like a weak fart compared to the mamoth of the original and i just ended up screaming more, give me some more biatches. … 861&page=3

I will be answering questions posted to the site in the daynewmont episode after the finale. … 872&v=wall



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