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David Bird
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"sawyer sauce" for soya sauce

Soy/soya was borrowed into English a couple of centuries ago, from Dutch traders who only lightly modified the Japanese shōyu, which is ultimately from Chinese. After Kem’s and Jorkel’s entrées about a soy/suey swap, I wondered whether other concoctions of soya were possible. Sawyer sauce is probably closely homophonic to soya sauce in some dialects; I’m thinking Aussie. I peg it as a Lehman’s term, although it’s possible that some imagine Japanese lumberjacks splashing on their special sawyer sauce.

Tanner nodded and spooned a few tablespoons of sawyer sauce onto her chicken and rice
Online fic

eat it RAW! Unbelievably good taste with a dash of sawyer sauce!
Steroids and diet

Fav drink: bit of lemonade n lime with 2 litres of vodka n not forgettin a bit of sawyer sauce

There is a very negative review on here from a person who doesn’t seem to know much about Indian food – referring to “sawyer sauce” sort of gives the game away!
Perth restaurant reviews

a bunch of parsley two carrots half a cabbage 1 large onion or two leeks Sawyer sauce instead of salt

Sides include rotating daily green salads, miso soup, marbled tea eggs, & rice w/ salty toasted seeds & sesame oil; on weekends there’s brunch goodness in the form of rice porridge w/ rotating toppings, eggs w/ chunky onion potato cakes, and Sweet Grain Waffles covered in ginger butter, and huckleberry sauce, which, at least in the mornings, is preferable to Sawyer sauce.
Menu review



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