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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2012-02-29 14:41:22

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1562

Choc-a-block with bottley functions - not for delicate sensibilities

What better than a midweek leap day afternoon to sneak in some bottley functions that might otherwise disturb your brunch. They can only stay bottled up so long.

“Oh…” He said sitting down on the hard, busy sidewalk. He didnt even mind people were whizzing past him or that some one had probably let a bottley function go around that same exact area.
Collaborative fiction

the problem isn’t the piles as much as the dead spots left from the other bottley function. These spots are like nuclear waste zones. Nothing grows there.
Advice about everything

when their mad, they let everyone know By ruining the rug with one bottley function or another.
Dog paean

Constipation is built of words meaning “crowded together, pressed”. But who knew. There are more logical ways to imagine what’s happening.

she was constantly constapasted and it worked wonders!
Baby on board

doctor think I’m constapasted, but i’m not really, but probably am.
Eating disorder forum

Or to see oneself as totally blocked.

I have been constoppated for 2 days, and well…. you’ll never believe what happened!
Too much info blog

He needed baths so he wouldn’t get constoppated… Yea… Weird.
Pet misery

Believe or not, this post grew out of consideration of the morpheme space around Judge mental. A moment’s inattention and I stepped in some surplus-to-current-needs extramental waste.

this is dog camping not people camping. they are allowed to defecate anywhere on the site , and to think children will be playing in the same place unaware of the dangers of dog extrament.
UK tourist review of campsite

The local paper to me the Suffolk free press did a big article on the rubbish found on the local river walks this week. They found syringes beer cans supermarket trolleys plastic bags Dog extrament human extrament chip bags old knickers and all manor of other items along the river walks. When they asked for a statement about the conditions from a common lands trust holder he said the fisherman should be more carefull. So I had better explain to the wife now how I manage too drink so much beer snort coke inject drugs and still have the energy to rip the knickers off the local girls aswell as catch fish before driving home.
Fishing rant

Collective boodsucking liberals like you are nothing but waste, human extrament in the garbage that exists in life

Finally, a bummer typo to end it all.

Euro ends its first anus horribilis on a down note … down-note/

“In the UK offshore, a veritable anus horribilis appears to have played out,” it says. Talk about the bottom falling out of the oil market!
Poor old Credit Suisse. We all make such slips. …



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