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#1 2013-01-03 22:22:42

Dixon Wragg
From: Cotati, California
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Eve's dropping and eve'sdropping

After seeing the thread on “easedropping” hereon, I decided to Google “eve’s dropping”, and got nearly 200 unique hits not counting puns, etc. Examples:

Collection of eves dropping free software

these people in my class need to speak the hell up so i dont have to try so hard to
eves drop.

Great for eves dropping on other guests

FBI furthers it’s reach into cyberspace and user privacy all in the name of security once again by suggesting the need for eves-dropping.

What was Madison doing ‘eves dropping’ suspiciously on Bo and Hopes conversation?

And, three different versions of the term in one Google hit:

cell phone ease dropping fox dropping rights for nascar … walmart eaves dropping view big apple ball … eves dropping recorder bonsai dry and dropping …

Googling “eve’sdropping” (one word) yielded around 300 unique, unambiguously non-pun hits, such as:

“I saw her evesdropping on Smitty Connolly’s conversations…

Skype Not Bending On Possible Evesdropping Rules.

Stock Photo of Young Couple Evesdropping Behind Door

Is it evesdropping if your standing 2 feet away?

How do people evesdrop on a computer

The obvious question here is: Eggcorn or just misspelling? The manifestly low level of spelling in some of the examples would imply the latter, but real eggcornicity is possible in at least some cases, because someone could plausibly imagine the Biblical Eve “evesdropping” on Adam, or imagine someone “evesdropping” under cover of darkness in the evening (“eve”).

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