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David Bird
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Apartheid, bipartheid and tripartheid

A protest movement by indigenous people, called “Idle No More”, is currently making headlines in Canada. On the radio, a discussion of governance involved the word tripartite, as in three-party, if not three-tiered. From the way the word was being pronounced, I couldn’t help making an association with apartheid. The name of that infamous South African sociopolitical policy comes from an Afrikaans word which would be transliterated as aparthood; -heid is a cognate of our -hood. The former South African ambassador to Canada has pointed out embarrassing parallels between government policies in that country and in ours.

The appearance of the root word apartheid in English uses of bipartite and tripartite would only be eggcornish where the eggcorners saw some connection to unequal treatment and class oppression, I think. Most hits come from South Africa, not surprisingly.

I think these trade unions are getting more and more militant, we need a leader to crush these militant elements and also we need to end the tripartheid alliance.
news comment from Zouth Africa

in practice the system which operated in most of England and Wales from the 1940s to the 1960s was in name tripartheid and in practice bipartheid. A combination of educational theory derived from the wartime Norwood Report which referred to three types of children, the academic, the technically minded, and the ‘rest’
School streaming in the UK

Sieve software seeks a tripartheid win when doing business: For my clients, my candidates and myself.

This balance is similar to that of the need for balance in a just individual between the tripartheid soul.
One of those essay sites

Here’s someone who made the connection specifically in the case of governance of natives in Canada:

When you add in the overlapping mandates of the federal and provincial/territorial governments, include health authorities and regional governments and truckloads of Memorandums of Understanding and Agreements simply to provide basic services, “tripartheid” instead of “tripartite” becomes more than just a slip of the tongue.
Canadian Journal of Public Health, 2009

(2) bail issue
(a) states require bail, feds not
(b) bipartheid system – federal and state laws largely the same, but still have important differences
Law course notes



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