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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2013-05-03 12:26:29

From: Victoria, BC
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reduction << redaction

Redaction criticism, a method to Biblical interpretation, was in vogue through the middle years of the twentieth century. Redaction criticism highlights the role of the compiler, the redactor, in constructing narratives from source material.

Those who look with jaundiced eye on the schools of higher criticism worry that the authority of their sacred texts may be eroded, reduced, by these approaches.

Amazon book review: “ Yet another group uses form and reduction criticism to interpret parables, believing that the early church modified parables and that the text does not accurately record the words of Jesus.”

Exam at an African university: “Explain briefly any two of the following: a) Form criticism of the Synoptic Gospel b) Reduction Criticism c) Literary Criticism”

Book review in a minister’s blog: “With this move, there is a deeper focus on reduction criticism, which is helpful in preaching certain texts. ”

Course description: “A course on modern biblical exegesis, especially text-, source-, form-, and reduction-criticism

[religious eggcorn]

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#2 2013-05-03 16:11:04

From: Montreal
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Re: reduction << redaction

Good one. It’s also out there in cases of censorship of official documents, by back formation from reduction.

I’m sorry, but Y!A [Yahoo Answers] has been deleting interesting questions for as long as it has existed. It has also been deleting accounts of people who disagree with others’ view points (ie. Christians getting atheists deleted, conservatives getting liberals deleted etc…) How silly that [message reducted]. I think it’s because [message reducted] but maybe that’s just me.
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