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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2006-08-09 11:31:37

Registered: 2006-08-09
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pillow of strength

I caught this one in an obituary in a local paper, but have since lost it. A Google search yields only 21 instances, but here’s one (scroll to the very end of the article): … ay2006.htm

A related eggcorn, “pillow of the community” appeared in a paper by a student of mine. Obviously, people run into more pillows than pillars in their everyday life, and think of a pillow, whether of strength or of the community, as something pleasant to lean on.

Catherine Rogers



#2 2012-06-23 15:34:37

From: Montreal
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Re: pillow of strength

Looking for medical treatment Petrified of being past from pillow to post again

Homeless shelter forum
been sleeping fom pillow to post with my two kids
I am a single mother of two boys. ... I’m seeking out help from shelters that’s full and have waiting list, I’m going from pillow to post trying to keep my head above water…

Mr. Do It Nice lyrics
Kiss her pon her lips and she started to float
Di way she feel light she start to climb smoke
She start get wild and grab on pon mi throat
She start feel high like man weh tek coke
But si ya gal but wait yuh nah love
She seh a mi she love and she start tek oath
Suh wha happen to yuh man and she seh that deh goat
A yesterday mi go a station go report
Go tell di police mi a carry him go a court
Cause him caan mek love him only mek drug
She nuh want a man who rough and coarse
She want a man fi move her from pillow to post

South Wales animal welfare
I am an animal lover and have been unable to go anywhere near the market because of the pitiful cries of the animals in the pens. They are pushed from pillow to post.

Model sizes Even girls who wore size sixteen were taken to dances and occasionally found husbands…I did not expect this age of felicity to last, and it didn’t. I watched the fearful descent from substantial Ingrid to wiry Audrey and finally to Mia Farrow, knowing we were going from pillow to post, and I shuddered.”

I don’t use the expression from pillar to post, but I gather from the above usages that it can mean variously “from bad to worse” or “from a rock to a hard place”, or “from pillory to whipping post”, or something along that line.

Edit: when I went to the trouble of looking it up, I learned that “from pillar to post” means “from one place to the next” especially by force, and also, “from one person to the next”, as by gossip (sign pillar and post office?). Introducing a pillow might implies a bedpost, esp. in the the case of Mr. Do It Nice.

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