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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2019-01-21 03:21:07

Dixon Wragg
From: Cotati, California
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"reconisation" for "recognition"

I recently encountered this:

Good to see Cass Ellot get the reconisation due. After all it was Cass that plotted with Crosby to kidnap Nash.
YouTube comment

“Reconisation” is apparently an obscure medical term, but that’s irrelevant to this malaprop or eggcorn. There are quite a few Google hits, most or all of them using “reconisation” as a substitution for “recognition.”

As this reconisation is mandatory for government jobs according to gazzette notification 44 1-3-1995, without this degree given by university is not valid for central government jobs in india, we are asking for past 5 years to take post facto reconisation

She just slays, and she definetly need more reconisation! :heart_eyes: she’s too underrated for her talent.
pop poop

This will use facial reconisation and some other languages to help users find out the answers.
tech talk

v. 1. To admit the existance of.
2. To express reconisation or thanks for.
poorly-realized flashcards

I can’t write it off as a typo because the altered ending is too much of a change and too correct, and it’s unlikely to be a spellcheck error because its so obscure you’ll play hell trying to find it in a dictionary. I was just going to assume it’s a written-out mispronunciation reflecting the common practice of pronouncing “recognition” without voicing the “g”, added to the confusion about which common ending to use, but then realized that some perps may possibly be connecting it with “recon” (short for “reconnaissance”). To recon some territory means to observe it for the first time, which is, in a sense, what we do when we begin to give someone recognition. So, possibly an eggcorn for some.



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