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Chris -- 2015-05-30

#1 2005-10-26 10:42:00

From: Winchester Massachusetts
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 674

'actitude' for 'attitude'

Attitude is a determinant of how one acts, so the substitution is a natural one. About 600 ghits, e.g.,

... so I advise you to open your mind and move here with a positive actitude. ... With a positive actitude you can succeed and be happy anywhere.

And i don`t like your actitude neither!!!

Saying that Micro$oft with its high handed actitude banned XP bug reporting …
McAfee’s actitude is even more in fault here, ... comments/columns/63/10783/threaded

And I ask you again to change your actitude to a > >more constructive one.

Im planing re-starting my life all over!!!, after breaking up a long term
relationship with my ex. I want someone with a positive actitude. ... room-needed/New_York-Brooklyn-11201.htm

I admire you for your great voice, personality and actitude (and of course cause
you are beautiful) I wanna be like you!!!!

Next time you come here, please; drop that actitude.

... but I believe that not all the problems of a company, could be solved just changing your personal actitude, what about management skills!



#2 2005-10-26 19:47:16

Chris Waigl
Eggcorn Faerie
From: London, UK
Registered: 2005-10-14
Posts: 115

Re: 'actitude' for 'attitude'

This one puzzles me; which means that I’m mulling it over. Why would “attitude” be obscure for some people? But then, why would “acorn”.

If anyone has a comment on that, please don’t hesitate to offer your analysis.



#3 2005-12-05 17:09:10

From: California
Registered: 2005-10-25
Posts: 1665

Re: 'actitude' for 'attitude'

The Spanish word for attitude is “actitud.” The website of one of Ken’s examples has an Argentine URL; in the case of three other examples, the respective writers appear to have Spanish first names or surnames. Since learned and latinate words are often very similar in Spanish and English, writers will often make a reasonable guess about the form of such words in the target language—that probably accounts for a lot of Ken’s hits, but maybe not for all of them.



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