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Spotted in the wild:

  • I found an eggcorn at brunch yesterday! My boyfriend asked me if I liked the holiday sauce on my poached eggs. I asked him to repeat himself so I could be sure of what I’d heard. Once I told him the actual name of the sauce, he said that he’d always wondered what holiday the sauce was originally from. (lolphysics on Eggcorn Forum)
  • I grew up thinking hollandaise sauce was actually called “holidays sauce” because we only ever had it on holidays. (Manolo for the Big Girl site, on Arnold Zwicky's blog)

Analyzed or reported by:

  • Arnold Zwicky (link)
  • various posters on Eggcorn Forum (link)

The eggcorn came up in a Zits cartoon strip, and that led me back to the Eggcorn Forum discussion. Yet another variant, Holland day sauce is posted on separately.

The connection to holiday food is clearly made in several of the sources.

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