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Chris -- 2011-03-08

#1 2005-11-23 14:31:05

From: Winchester Massachusetts
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'defend for yourself' for 'fend for yourself'

‘Fend’ and ‘defend’ share a root, but the meanings diverged long ago. Also ‘defend for myself,’ etc. About 1500 ghits, e.g.,

Working while in high school, made me feel like I could defend for myself by facing up to some of my financial responsibilities.

you cant depend on the goverment for everything sometimes you have to defend for yourself people are so spoiled these days … thread.jspa?threadID=1200&messageID=600306633&start=75

My youngest brother appeared to be the pet of the family so that left me to defend for myself when it came to hand me voices/storylist.aspx?state=Hawaii-

You had a very unfortunate up bringing with your mother passing at a very young age and you left to defend for yourself.

Once your out in the real world its like HELLO! your an adult, defend for yourself. php?p=42&sid=e7c7305ffe3a2a8ba1173567d9e60f3f –

I’d like to apologize to the Iraqi people for those Americans who work to run away from this battle and leave you to defend for yourself. LeftiesHorrifiedWithOurSuccess.shtml

Also this is why family members can defend for you, it may mean you can’t defend for yourself but your family members certainly can. sid=1ba275040f8303be1a8a2bbad1702d85

Being left in an isolated world, to defend for myself is always not easy.



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