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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2007-04-19 13:54:53

Registered: 2007-04-19
Posts: 1

two peas in a pot

Hi, everyone! First time poster – I came here via Language Log. I was browsing the Philadelphia City Paper’s website at and came across an eggcorn I’d never seen before:

We were as tight as two peas in a pot!!

See for the full text.



#2 2007-04-19 17:36:32

From: Austin, Tx
Registered: 2007-04-01
Posts: 179

Re: two peas in a pot

Good one! I ran into some confusion googling it. There’s a store by that name. Maybe someone else can pick up the trail for finding it in the wild, I’m too lazy right now.



#3 2012-08-06 23:21:24

Registered: 2007-12-26
Posts: 95

Re: two peas in a pot

Used by Nora Schweihs on TV show Mob Wives Chicago, S1E9. “Actually, they’re like two peas in a pot. They’re made for each other.” She is a frequent speaker of eggcorns and malaprops. In another episode (and in a related article, she uses the phrase resume the body



#4 2012-08-09 15:26:01

Registered: 2006-08-16
Posts: 130

Re: two peas in a pot

Googling “alike as two peas in a pot” I get 9 hits that look real, although a fair number of those appear to be non-native English speakers.



#5 2012-09-14 20:50:44

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1101

Re: two peas in a pot

Forgive me for lowering the tone on this forum once again. I couldn’t resist.

I was looking at a former student’s MySpace a few days ago and noticed she had gotten married. I clicked through to her husband’s MySpace to see what he looked like, and I came to a photo of him and his son that was captioned “Two pees in a pot”. I cracked up. The poor guy obviously missed the point of the “two peas in a pod” phrase. … s-in-a-pot



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