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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2007-11-28 09:00:38

Registered: 2006-10-26
Posts: 1

"mold wine" or "mould wine" for "mulled wine"

There’s already a thread for “glue wine” here:
but “mold wine” appears to be a new sighting this festive season. It’s no surprise; this sense of “mulled” is quite rare, referring as it does to a warmed beverage (not normally served warm) with spices and other additives. And I suppose that “mold” could make some kind of sense in its place; adding heat and/or spices might make moldy wine safe to drink? (I do not recommend this practice).

some examples:

“Santa will be busy distributing gifts while adults enjoy Gluehwein(Christmas mold wine) and cookies.” … &Itemid=44

“Come and enjoy a tradional Christmas with locally sourced produce.
Or treat yourself to mould wine and mince pies by a roaring log fire.”

“Christmas Reception with Mould wine, chestnuts and biscuits in the afternoon of Christmas Eve”
(oops, that URL was too long. Google the phrase and you’ll find it at a Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts website).

It is also spotted quite often in blog posts discussing winter travel to parts of the world where this unusual beverage is especially popular (mainly Germany and Austria, it seems).

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#2 2007-11-28 15:49:17

Registered: 2007-06-19
Posts: 263

Re: "mold wine" or "mould wine" for "mulled wine"

Remember that they may be pulling from the “molded” sense of ” mold,” not necessarily the fungus.

Like “molded gelatin” or something.



#3 2007-11-28 22:16:55

Tom Neely
From: Detroit
Registered: 2006-09-01
Posts: 121

Re: "mold wine" or "mould wine" for "mulled wine"

I believe Mull means “ground” or “pulverized” here, and it refers to the mortared spices in the wine. Somebody might say, “Milled Wine,” or even “Mauled Wine.” I believe Mull, Mill, and Maul originally were the same word. They still have the same meaning.

Mould and Mold must be closely related. Mould (Mold is the same word, even now) used to mean “soil,” which is ground-down little pieces of rock, ground-down like the spices in the wine. Plows have Mouldboards. And fugus Mold is little dirty pieces. John Brown’s body lies a-molderin’ in the grave. Meal (ground-down grain) is the same word as well.

I guess that Mild is from the same source. You make something Mild by Milling it, or Mulling it, or adding ground-down Mealy stuff, or maybe by Melding it. Mail? Little bits of metal?

My point: It does not seem so bad to say Mould or Mold or or Mulled or Milled or Mauled or Mild or even Mealed or Melded or Mailed Wine. I believe those words all come from the same place.

However, if you can find Muled Wine (probably a very strong bouquet) or Moiled Wine (Oy! Don’t want to guess!), you may be onto something. Cheers!



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