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#1 2008-07-02 18:29:55

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in tell for entail

Saw this and instantly thought “this is an eggcorn”. So here it is. Spotted in the wild … GroupID=55
Have a great day!



#2 2008-07-02 19:31:49

From: Colorado
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Re: in tell for entail

Here is that quote:

Jesus is the only path, I am simply saying that the common thought on what all that “way” in tells, may not be correct.

“In tells” is a hard word to search for, as is “intells.” Both are used somewhat commonly to describe companies or poker tells. (Occasionlly it is a misspelling of “intel’ both as the abbreviation of intelligence and as the name of the chip maker Intel.) However, I did find this example where it stands in for “entails”:

Dark Star Bar | Gaia OnlineMar 31, 2007 … “umm no i am alright umm can i have a quick once over so i know what my job intells” he smiles. “yea ok” she smiles back … … .25269741/ – 96k – Cached – Similar pages

I’m not sure about the eggcornicity of this word. A lot of people seem to confuse “ell” and “ale” or “ail” sounds. For more examples of this phenomenon, see two of my posts that explore this: … hp?id=2058 (tell-tell vs. telltale) and … hp?id=2484 (for sell vs. for sale).

Taking it a step farther, I googled to find out if “entells” would also be pretty common. It is: Blogs – Not my typical blog…. – Bob 33 MySpace BlogNot to mention making an album and all the work that entells. That alone should cause pause. So with that being said…....I think I made my point. ... – 35k – Cached – Similar pages

YouTube – Water As Fuel Video ®May 23, 2008 … global warming isnt just some scientists’ theory, it is an actual trend of just what the name entells ‘global warming,’ the world is … – 103k – Cached – Similar pages

Reviews for Billiam the Bard’s Adventures: part one – FictionPress.comRhapsode 2008-06-29 ch 1,, abuseA sophisticated look at barding, and all it entells. Quite so! Return to Top. – Similar pages

rocker_chick10280’s Xanga SiteGuitars and drums and all that that entells. BAD boys. JROTC and bein a raider. Which we have that best damn raider team in the region. ... – 77k – Cached – Similar pages

After I saw your example and the intell/entell variations, I wondered if “detells” for details might be rampant on the Web, and it seems to be very common:

deleting a line from file [Archive] – ForumsCan someone show me how i can delete one line from a file….i’m just a beginner > so could you write the program for me in detells….I apprciate it a … – 4k – Cached – Similar pages

PII: S0968-0004(00)89028-3For detells on how to partake In the newsgroup, see the accompanying box. Electrtransformation. is perhaps the. best method for introducing recombi- ... – Similar pages

WikiAnswers – How do you get a computerMe crash169 could of missed stuff that you need to buy or imported detells on stuff to do and cannot be held responsible if the computer does not work. ... – 42k – Cached – Similar pages

[PDF] Buford D, Battle State nutitw hm?Aa, TexasFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
your seoond question we would apgr8elate your furalshlng us. rdth. detells. coneern& the sppllcatlon OS the Whltehouaa Dl@trlat*. Your8 very … … gm3549.pdf – Similar pages

[PDF] rii-iiii:: ff{;*nns:rFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
+39s,OOO. Portsmouth,. NH 03801. Beds:2. Eaths:2. Sq.Ft.: 1147. l’‘1LS +136294. UTTICE. See llsting Detells. I_i. Emarl. UTTICE. See Listing Details … – Similar pages

1970 Dodge Charger CarIT GIVES SO MUCH DETELLS.GREAT JOB! – Posted By: justin on August 26, 2005. I LOVE WHEN A PART OF THE ENGINE IS STIKING OUT OF THE HOOD!GREAT WORK,ABE. ... – 42k – Cached – Similar pages – LeXY_Fam0UsZ! – 16 – Female – LAS VEGAS, Nevada …My reAl dAd aND AsHaNt1 SO HERS THE DETELLS THARS THIS RELLY HOT BOY NAMED DEAN I WHENT OUT WITH HIM ON AND OFF FOR LIKE 1 YEAR AND I RELLY LIKE HIM BUT … – 96k – Cached – Similar pages

health | wellbeing classifieds Ads, Jobs, for sale, Real Estate …- [ Translate this page ]CALL FOR MORE DETELLS 412-726-1210 i’m in portsmouth VA one of the best stylist in VA SEE PIC at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LADYD412 EMAIL: devonaprather2@Y.. ... – 46k – Cached – Similar pages

~ Mixturey ~ « Club Penguin Secrets and Lot’s More!I’m Working on a Better Sign For Its So Its More Easy Then The Old one to see the Detells! Anyway… Note: I Made A New One (See Below) ... – 38k – Cached – Similar pages

bathroomswe have photos of paint work and bathrooms. call for free estaments. prices and detells in writing before work begins. please plan ahead … – 18k – Cached – Similar pages

Brickset: LEGO set reference | Reviews posted by alancarabescool detells cons. not many weapons needs 1 more mini fig more playability more wall structure. 3 out of 7 people thought this review was useful. ... … lancarabes – 17k – Cached – Similar pages

Re: Looking for 3d Work!!!! – Open 3D Forum… posted by Rick on February 21, 2002 at 23:51:07:. I was wondering if u could give me some advice about Animation wed desingning just some detells.Thanxs … – 10k – Cached – Similar pages

Discussion:Find Help For a Suspected Eating Disorder – wikiHowi dont have an eating disorder…but i’m studing it for a school project…and i need help on the detells i’m not so good at fineding things so if you might … … g-Disorder – 20k – Cached – Similar pages

As if that were not enough, I found some instances of “retell” for retail:

PARIS DRESSMAKERS URGE OUR BUYERS TO CROSS OCEAN; They Have …But there is .fir: be a severe struggle .between classes of comme-—in ‘the making of clothes; the huge department ahoy and small retell shop that … – 12k – Cached – Similar pages

Goodsres.comI am a sales in a retell store in Maryland. I interest in any electronic products. Throught the demo u provide, I think I can have more information about … – 46k – Cached – Similar pages

Ebay = No more PS3’s – Page 4 – Mac ForumsIf you do have a problem with it than never go to a retell store again…cause thats what they do simply at a larger volume. ... – 160k – Cached – Similar pages

So the “ell” for “ail” confusion is pretty rampant, certainly in spelling, and more than likely in pronunciation.

I am trying to figure out what “in tells” (or intells or entells) means to the user (if there is a new imagery that comes about) and am not having much luck. I suspect that it’s just a misspelling based on regional pronunciation.

IF there is an eggcorn here (or in detells or tell-tells), it is that the user somehow believes that the “tells” part means that it “tells” what the subject at hand is all about.

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Feeling quite combobulated.



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