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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2011-06-16 09:25:35

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
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"abrade" for upbraid

While braid only survives in the form of “weave, intertwine”, its O.E. origins in breakdance bregdan were wider, including to move quickly, pull, shake, draw a sword. Upbraid means to dress down, to scold; the ngram shows the use of the word upbraiding to be in a long slow decline since the end of the 17th c. The following may be instances of eggcornical echoes, as in being abrasive, or tearing a strip off someone.

1945 circus competition
Again our agent was abraded for letting them beat us to the town.

Reagan and Gorbachev
However, as he stubbornly clung to his campaign against the USSR and all of its strongholds, the international realm began to abrade him for his insensitive actions against a helpless people. After the Grenada attack, the United Nations reproved his actions

Are we there yet?
Vegeta breathed in deeply, then out, counting to twenty. “That’s the tenth time you’ve asked that… in the last fifteen minutes!” Nappa lowered his head, and mumbled “Sorry…” Vegeta left off abrading him for the moment. “I’ll tell you when we’re nearly there!”

It can also make the round trip, with a dash of far upfield. This is an interesting blend.

Accustomed to regard Adam’s sin in the garden of Eden as the origin of “death and all our woes,” some crouch and make merit of confessions and self-upbrasion on account of the imputation of Adam’s sin
Southern Methodist Review, 1849

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