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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2011-06-24 23:01:53

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I ran into this chimera today on youtube. Fervor and fever, despite appearances, are not related, deriving as they do from separate PIE bases. Fervor is effervescence, from L. a boiling, violent heat; passion, ardor, fury; while fever is, well, heat, too; not Mediterranean heat, but heat that came through the PIE base * dhegh- ‘burn’, which gave us Goth. dags, O.E. dæg ‘day,’ originally ‘the heat’. “Feverently” looks like a blend of fervently and feverishly.

Militant atheism
If you were born elsewhere, you would believe the Koran as feverently as you believe in the Bible.

Yahoo Questions first person account: How do you spell feverently?
Thanks all. I thought it was spelled feverently, with the base word “fever”, but it’s apparently fervently- you would think that one of these fancy spellcheckers could give me a spelling correction that wasn’t “reverently”.
Response: Ferverently.

Fondly Do We Hope…Feverently We Do Pray

Evolution argument
I still don’t understand why so called “intellectuals” are so feverently trying to tie ourselves to a lower life form.

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