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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2012-05-16 23:35:05

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
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Soccer punches and socker punches

A first person account…

Soccer punch. And no, I’m not talking about the drink players gulp down on the soccer field.
Last night my husband was complaining about his pillow and how it wasn’t cooperating. I told him it was probably due to the 5 soccer punches he threw its way moments before.
“Soccer punches?” he questioned. The lights were out but I could imagine the quizzical look on his face. “What’s that? Don’t you play soccer with your feet?”
“No,” I said. “It’s a real move.” He then asked me to use it in a sentence and I came back with, “Billy took a soccer punch to the gut.”
My husband clearly wasn’t buying it and as I rolled over to face the wall he leaned towards me and said, “I think you mean sucker punch.” In my defense I’d just like to say that the 2 words “soccer” and “sucker” sound similar.
So what if I’ve been wrong my whole life…...LOL!
First person account

I felt ambushed, paralyzed, trapped. I couldn’t get enough air in my nostrils and my stomach felt like a soccer punch had hit me.
Office confrontation

Maybe they heard someone using this version.

oh.. sleep just socker punched me! i almost dozed off!



#2 2012-05-21 10:15:51

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2598

Re: Soccer punches and socker punches

“Socker punched” gets the full peal of bells. Plenty of examples.

It is possible that “soccer punch” may be a double transform, from “sucker” to “socker” and from “socker” on to “soccer.” More on socker >> soccer.

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Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



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