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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2012-08-04 17:50:59

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1562

Silicon is finding its voice

There is no end to the imagination of our silicon cousins. They’re strong enough to leave the solar system alive; they’re also evolving more rapidly than their flammable carbon-based forebears. I’ve collected some silicisms that put a new spin on old idioms.

The Devil is ugly, it emits a foul odour if stressed and as we just heard its scream is blood girdling.
Radio transcript

Nobody knows what to do with them, they are a constant national bore of contention.
Transcript, unfortunately

Just when you thought the carotid artery was played out.

the descent is interrupted by a second positive venous wave, “c” wave, which is produced by a bulging of the tricuspid valve into the right atrium during right ventricular isovolumic systole and by the impact of the crowded artery adjacent to the jugular vein.
Medical definitions transcript

But by hour four, I’d abandoned the fake leaf or whatever the hell they gave me to cover my privates. I was just throwing caution-and other things-to the wind.”
Movie nude scene

Ginning up a new eggcorn.

Al Qaeda is our enemy. What happened last year, the truth is, in my view anyway, is that politicians looking to gym up their ratings or whatever, were out there really making this kind ever hysteria where none existed before.
TV transcript

The ever hysteria. I hear you cousin.

Like a car or spaceship type of thing like that so I want a real hard synth sound I think for that. So let’s go ahead and send it in there and we’re going to connect it in to the male strum and we’re going to take a couple seconds and listen to what we have in the male strum and we’ll turn on the sawtooth.

As a survivor (scarred) of a course in organic chemistry, I was familiar with the Latin prefixes cis and trans. Cis means “on the same side” and trans means “on the other side” or “across” or, evidently, “transverse”. Lately cis-gendered has become a fey term for same sex. As in sisters.

“Solidarity shouldn’t just be between ‘sis-gendered’ [feminist] and trans-gendered people,” said Gruenewald.
Quotation transcript

Same idea as a smokers board. BTW, to perfect your pronunciation of a smörgåsbord, try this .

How would it be if, five of us going into a restaurant there is a smoggers board and there are certain things I love and I go for that. But I avoid the tea pods and the salads, because I’ve been allergic to salad.

It’s wise to avoid the tea pods.

Obamacare alarm transcript

In addition to that, of course I traveled to the countries that were where the ancient world was; Egypt, Turkey and one of the stories I tell in the book is how Turkey through the Metropolitan Museum a law suit actually sued under American law the Metropolitan Museum of New York in the 1980s to get these golden treasures back from the time of King Crisis. You know the phrase he’s as rich as Crisis so there really was a King Crisis and he was very rich of course and they were very skilled in making gold and silver back in the time we’re talking going back 2500 years.
Author interview, Voice-to-text transcript

And then all the West Deer races, the Spring Training races up North, the various and sunday races around the Pittsburgh area, blah, blah, blah. … =firefox-a

The high fat intake, the high animal protein intake, the lack of these other things, lead into increased risks for cancers of various incendiary kinds, increased risk of the various kinds of heart diseases, diabetes; [...] And it’s clear that the higher the fat intake, the higher the risk for various incendiary kinds of cancers.
Interview transcript

some people get nervous and anxious when a rumour spreads like wall fire.
Nato Transcript

Finally, that crimpy co-worker or boss who makes that attack could out with the nice, and it can spread like wall fire when our dispenses are down:

Have you ever walk into an office and the attention was so fake, you could out with the nice and
activity at work as contagious and it can spread like wall fire. So why the people get some
trampy of work, our brains are cued for the blues. Negative thinking can become a cycle if it
goes on too long. You could be minding your own business and something negative pops into
your heat as the day goes on the negativity cycle builds and builds even without the reason. A
emotional contingent, negative emotions are contagious when our dispenses are down, your
much more vulnerable to that crimpy co-worker or boss who makes that attack for mark or look.
Work advice transcript

Here are two I overlooked: lose it dreaming and chin up the alarm.

the question is whether the deeper “I” is totally lost in the dream or whether it knows itself as the deeper “I,” even while the dream continues: lose it living, similar to lose it dreaming, which some people are interested in, which is staying conscious while you are dreaming and knowing that you are dreaming.
Consciousness blog transcript

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well, I don’t want to chin up the fear or alarm because a lot of people are already alarmed in this country, but in the event that someone wanted to do something, take a crop duster plane, for instance
CNN transcript

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#2 2012-08-07 11:29:46

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2612

Re: Silicon is finding its voice

A cool collection. Some seem like they may be standard eggcorns.

“Blood-girdling” is one of the best – occurs several times on the web.

“Gyming up” ratings is near perfection. “Fake leaf” (for fig leaf) and “sis-gendered” belong in our (disturbingly large) collection of off-color eggs.

“Lose it” dreaming seems to be the opposite of lucid dreaming.

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



#3 2012-08-09 15:32:59

Registered: 2006-08-16
Posts: 130

Re: Silicon is finding its voice

Okay, after reading the heading again I realize you’re intentionally looking at machine-generated eggcorns.

Some of these are pretty convincing.

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