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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2012-04-01 10:55:09

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1558

April Nonce Day

April Nonce Day was trumped up a couple of years ago as a transparent ploy to get around the multiplicity doctrine, which states that a true eggcorn requires a minimal demonstrable number of hits in the wild in order to be respectable and admissible. Otherwise, there are any number of vacuum-energy mechanisms that can draw virtual eggcorns from the bubbling soup of internet space quanta. WTF typos are phenomenally productive, for example. Be that as it may, according to Joe Krozel, “Hey, an ounce of nonce is worth a pound of expound, and I say that with the most sincere impugniety.” Here are some April Nonce Day contenders that I’ve carefully husbanded away for today. Some couldn’t wait; already submitted this year were:

the bidden path
break naked, break knack, break nut speed
cheery of
salaam occasion

I think he really has something going on with his high frequency appitchiator and intense trance-making grooves.
Music blog

which the then Prime Minister and his government used to pay towards the UHS without so much as a buyer leave from the Belizean electorate

Would love to improve the sitting position as now i’m more lean on the tri-bar due to my Cable tunnel syndrome getting so numbness on fingers now.
Chinese triathlete

What are the yoga practices for couple tunnel syndrome?
Yoga therapy

The tintinnabulation of the fence, fence, fence, fence.

ching link fence (ironstation n.c) : $300 90ft of 6ft chang link fence wire with 2 8ft drive thr gates and 1 3ft walk thru gate no post or top rail fence wire and gates only call 704-675-6691 or email me
Want ad

They’re not really chains, they’re chainlings.

the worst thing you could do is spend all weekend detailing you beloved bmw then the next day at lunch running it into a chainling fence...
Car forum

“Wait a minute…” Ryuuken took a moment to correct his thoughts and then glared at the Shinigami.
Fan fic

When the Wonder Stuff were added to the bill as a late replacement for the Michael McGoldrick Band, I thought this was going to be a bit of a curious egg of a performance. I’ll hold my hand up and admit I was wrong, this was top draw folk inspired pop/rock.
Concert review

The result was me making a lot of noise in our upstairs apartment secretly hoping our french downstairs neighbor would come up to ask what all the goddamn noise was and I would explain that I was making brioche which would instantly smooth out any trouble because of my culinary worldliness and she’d apologize for interrupting and offer some veggies from her garden as a way of begging pardon which I would dine to accept

If you like disdressed denim go here

We got excited seeing the new patch go up, but the patch notes are a complete dump on the enthusiasm.
Gamer forum

You are I am sure right then then they shouldn’t have anything marked then they should just probably take it off altogether and give free ring to all the books no holes barred then.
Should books be labelled as Adult

Losing my grain of thought here, but kog is a badass
Gamer board

She walked to him with a hankersheet and cleade his blood from his face and neck.
fan fic

Today the company has achieved tremendous progress by winning the hearts, mind and palettes of the elite in Kuwait. We require the Hot Cuisine Chef for our catering department who should be able to handle all our catering activities.
Help wanted, Kuwait

Is that fruity on the palette?

In hyena-sight I should have considered what would be involved in this project.
Actor’s profile

Having presented six candidates for councilor each, it is in a cord with the ordinary course of things to assume that said political parties
Philippine court decision

The next one is more than iffy, but I’m including just on the off chance.

I got love and happiness in abundance and I am sharing with one and all …..blessings to my brothers and sisters put god in the myths of everything u do
Jamaican blog

The uniqueness of each piece, the study of colors and the justopposition of fabric
Fabric arts and crafts

We are gonna try this awesome Israeli dessert of Medjewel dates, filled with tahini, topped with a walnut and baked with honey on top.
Meal plan

i was stuck in some mosskeg (could’nt go anywhwre) after i got out i went thrugh a water hole got half way thrugh gaver her a shot SNAP broken drive axel.
All-terrain vehicle forum

It not only lurks behind three-dimensional areas of bog and swamp but also in the thin ice that covers rivers in the Siberian taiga and in the moosekeg and muholes of central Russia. … 22&f=false

There’s bears called Tundra Bears ? They like musscake or what.?

They have become a motors operandi for me, defining a majority of my work.
Postcard artist

Next, those unkempt tundra beasts.

Some examples are muss ox, Lemming, bologna whale, grey wolf, elephant seal, arctic fox.
Lesson for 3rd grade

An incapacitating viral infection:

Investigative study on infectious epidemiology of no walk virus … 0350010496

I get them without the board.Like u, i tried parker bro.board as well and had no manifestation of spirits whats so ever.However a kneecap bang happen as i was getting up to answer the phone during a session BAM! I hit my knee and screamed like a Benjie.
Ouija board possession incident

Looking for a reply to Juan23’s smelling sauce.

They use to use smelling source and different herbs to make them smell better no deodorant in them days ;) too busy fighting feasting and chasing the opposite sex ;)
Medieval games

The breakfast is a smokes board, simple and nothing fancy,but the food is fresh and adequate
Trip advisor

I could write about the amazing hospitality I have experienced since starting, or describe the smokers board of Newfoundland dishes I have eaten from lobster to moose, but today I just feel lucky to be alive.
Sea adventure

Man, that really sticks in my croft. Sad
French singer fan site

to resist the social and sexual advances of a black guy is ton amount to the most evil sin
Vile comment on Youtube

Finally, wasabi, “the little mustard that gets right up your nose.”

As you probably already know, the Japanese Wasabi aesthetic loves the imperfection of things – as in a crack.
Painting tribute

While we’re flouting the multiplicity doctrine, let’s break the singularity rule. The following are googledeuces. If your wrist have lost their tone…

it seems that I am developing carpal tonal syndrome. I hate dealing with the pain and will take almost anything I can get my hands on
Sock puppet medications

I do not do a lot of hand sewing due to the CTS (Carpal Tonal Syndrome) I have in my wrists.
Creative anachronism

Built up in this way the wet peat moss cake can eventually reach a height f several meters above the original ground surface.
raised bog communities

This survey records these swamp lands that were turned into large dry moss cake sections, and will also record locations of beaver colonies that have started to come in
Minnesota conservation records

Excessive desiccation has warped your breadstuffs.

This morning I woke up at 8:30am. The weather was as miserable as it was the evening before so after I had breakfast which was complimentry – consisting of Crusty Brown bread (German Influence I must assume) with a selection of condiments (Jams), cerals, Swayback (Dried crunchy bread), and a choice of Orange Juice, Tea or Coffee to drink. I had Swayback, bread and jame and an OJ.
Trip diary

How do I make swayback bread? I have some extra bread that I am wanting to make swayback out of.
I am just wanting to know at what temperature to put my oven at, and how long do I need to leave it in there for?
I am actually wanting to make my own breadcrumbs, and I thought that making swayback first would make drier breadcrumbs.
yahoo questions

The acorns are arpeggiator, by your leave, carpal tunnel, chain link, collect, Curate’s egg, deign, distressed, dampen, reign, train, handkerchief, haute cuisine, hindsight, juxtaposition, accord, midst, muskeg, modus, musk, Norwalk, banshee, smelling salts, smorgasbord, craw, tantamount, wabi sabi, zwieback

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#2 2012-04-02 13:15:17

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2598

Re: April Nonce Day

“Dump on the enthusiasm” is more than a nonce. “Put a dumper on” for “put a damper on” turns up with some frequency:

Armenian English newspaper: “it is very discouraging indeed when you see some of our brothers and sisters act exactly how you described in your article, and put a dumper on everyone else who continue to fight on”

Restaurant review: “Bad decision, as food poisoning put a dumper on otherwise perfect holiday weekend. ”

Page discussing sex drive: “Hormonal changes during pregnancy, just after birth and during breast feeding can put a dumper on a woman’s sex drive.”

“Disdressed denim” has several hits. Quite a nice eggcorn.

I get two hits for “mosskeg” in place of “muskeg.” A lovely, nearly perfect substitution. The amateur bryologist in me salutes you.

The funniest one on the list is “no walk virus.” I get two hits for that one. Putting the words together (“nowalk virus”) yields many more hits, though it raises the chance that the switch is a simple misspelling.

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



#3 2012-04-02 13:27:59

David Bird
From: Montréal, QC
Registered: 2009-07-28
Posts: 1558

Re: April Nonce Day

My fave was “motors operandi”. Thanks for wading through all those, Kem.

Speaking of that, there are 6 hits for “motives operandi”.

They have a new motives operandi. They have new methods now in place.
Singles board

I’ve fallen on my face when trying to reestablish my motives operandi of how I interact with other people. What’s that mean you ask? I’m not getting out enough!
Introspective blog

Detectives briefing patrol officers and other detectives about persons on the most wanted list and their motives operandi; patterns, trends, and anomalies in data.
How IT can help in police work

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#4 2016-04-15 12:36:42

From: Victoria, BC
Registered: 2007-08-28
Posts: 2598

Re: April Nonce Day

If you do a Google search for the singular (“motive operandi”), you’ll find dozens of other examples. Seems like quite a common eggcorn.

Hatching new language, one eggcorn at a time.



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