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Chris -- 2018-04-11

#1 2013-02-11 20:24:24

From: Montreal
Registered: 2008-03-17
Posts: 1101

"Idiosecrecy" and "idiot secrecy" for idiosyncrasy

An idiosyncrasy is, etymologically,

“a peculiar temperament,” from idios “one’s own” (as in idiom) + synkrasis “temperament, mixture of personal characteristics,” from syn “together” + krasis “mixture.” Originally in English a medical term meaning “physical constitution of an individual.” Mental sense first attested 1660s.

If any word is idiosyncratic, it is idiosyncrasy itself. So I sympathize with those folks who have unintentionally made it more understandable. An idiosecrecy must be one of your private foibles, like enjoying the smell of wet mittens. I found this one on a “mangled words” thread in the first hit.

My old boss refused to share the idiosecrecies of how he ran the business so successfully.

Can someone tell these kids why gatorade no longer counts as an idiosecrecy?
Question forum

A cool idiosecrecy until they start doing renovations to a room right across the hall at 8A.
Hotel review

Sometimes when people come in Movie Gallery and ask about movies…they get the name completely wrong. i.e. ... “Wicked Man”, “Abdomen”, “Idiosecrecy”, and “Centennial”. Now let me translate these for you.
3. WickeR Man (How someone mistakes an R for a D I’ll never know)
4. Abominable
5. Idiocracy
6. The Sentinel
Movie service

It is an Idiosecrecy of mine, and quite strange at that, my sister used to call me terrets boy for it, i wish i didn’t do it but it works well when i am hyper and need to reles energy, its hard to explain what i do its like a raise my hands to my hand and make my body spasm like i’m vigourously scratchng my head finding a way into my skull, yet in truth i don’t even touch my scalp, so in that case i can’t reallly dothat.. its hard to explain
too much coffee

In my relationships i have insecurity that tortures me. I don’t act on it but i am tormented. Is this my gut instinct telling me something isn’t right? Should i do something different? Personal experiences and conquests of this idiosecrecy would be helpful!
Yahoo questions

Although we discuss some serious issues, get things off of our chest, and analyze our current circumstance, we are also able to laugh at our idiosecrecies

Not to mention the shop politics to get use to and leaning the idiosecrecies of the customer market.

i grew up learning how to change parts on a car with my dad. and, i am very familiar with the idiosecrecies of the SC
car forum

Let’s go the full Monty.

You know we all have our idiot secrecies

Do you know about how idiot secrecies work into a person’s brain stem, and then, it overides commons sense and starts controlling the whole outlook in life
Painter forum

This last hit may be a misspelling, or maybe not.

I believe that at this point we simply have to accept it as an idiosyncrazy. Early onset type. Mathai bhim-rotthi. Marbles arrangement problem.
Class reunion

10-minute-later edit: Ooops, see also idiotsyncrasy from 2006.

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